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Dear M.L. Bubble,

Hi ML…I enjoyed your last bit of language advice you gave Gender Confused and something just sort of clicked when I read it.  144 more words

Learning Spanish

Step 1: Find a Place to Live

Well I say step 1…that is after choosing where to go, what to do, passing my exams and handing in the millions of forms required by my university in England, the university in Aix and the government. 250 more words

Learning A Second Language

What's the point of learning Russian?

Here’s a guest post from New York-based writer Alina Simone.

When my editor, Patrick, assigned me a story about how the Russian language is dying, I thought he was being funny. 994 more words

Languages of the Future

Trying to determine which language will be dominant in the global economy of the future is like trying to predict which athlete will win gold in the Olympics. 640 more words

English Classes By Skype

Wordless Understanding and Vacant Echoes: Trust One and Not the Other.

At what point does one understand a word or a sentence?

I’ve  been thinking about this question a lot lately, as I struggle to learn French in fits and starts. 329 more words

Sterling Lynch

6 Ways People Who Learned A Foreign Language Are Winning

They aren’t “that tourist.”

When vacationing in another country, you can reasonably expect that at least a few people can communicate to you in English, especially in the heavily touristed areas. 659 more words

Is There a Better Age To Learn a Language?

A child grows up in a bilingual household. When the toddler is thirsty and asks for a drink, Mom hands her a cup and says, “Do you want milk?” while Dad might ask, “Quieres leche?” In this environment, the child will most likely be fluent in both languages because she was introduced to them at a formative age. 699 more words

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