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Resource of the week - Udemy

Amongst the many challenges confronting current students and graduated students is establishing which essential skills are required to be employable and to remain relevant in any organisation. 216 more words


How to remember words? Wie kann ich mir Wörter merken?

There are many ways of learning and remembering words and phrases. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it very much depends on the type of learner you are.  1,069 more words

Learning And Teaching

Why can't you just translate every word? Warum kann man nicht einfach jedes Wort übersetzen?

You cannot just translate every single word literally into another language getting the same effect or idea, because there are sometimes different meanings to similar words and so-called false friends. 899 more words

Learning And Teaching

What to Expect

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist

A personalized learning classroom is going to look very different than a traditional classroom. As you listen to the audio clips below, you’ll hear educators reflect on what to expect as you begin to bring personalization to your classroom. 254 more words

Personalized Learning

How to pronounce? Wie funktioniert die Aussprache?

There is not always just one correct pronunciation. It varies from country to country. But there is nearly almost a so-called Standard Pronunciation which may not be used by all the native speakers but it will be generally understood worldwide or at least nationwide. 848 more words

Learning And Teaching

How to bring more focus and joy in life

I read an interesting note from Edward Hallowell in the August 2014 issue of HBR titled, “Will Focus Make You Happier?”. Edward is a psychiatrist and Director of the Hallowell centres at New York city. 287 more words


How to Start Personalized Learning

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist

So maybe you’ve done some research around personalized learning or you see a teacher down the hall implementing personalized learning in his or her classroom and you think, “Wow, this is something I’d like to try!” Great! 191 more words

Personalized Learning