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"Top Things To Do In Jordan" by Nora Kane

In preparing for your semester abroad in Amman, here are some useful things to do in and know about Jordan.


The one-week midterm break tends to be a lot of people’s largest individual expense during their time here. 751 more words

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Learning Arabic Cannot Be Any Better

It has become pretty important today to learn a little of Arabic yet this language is hard to study. The alphabets are distinct from others and are read out correct to left just as Hebrew. 293 more words

Learning Arabic

"Class in the Kitchen" by Nora Kane

As I mentioned way back in my first blog post, one of the things I was looking forward to when coming to Jordan was the food. 634 more words

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"Home Away from Home" by Charlotte Sheridan

We were sitting around the kitchen table, doing our homework as usual, when suddenly the lights flicked, hesitated, and went out. Almost instantly, we heard the rain and wind begin outside as darkness fell over Amman. 609 more words

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"Jordan: There’s Something in the Air. Or, Maybe Just the Falafel" by Jordan Laurila

I thrive in that which is different; conventionality bores me; the status quo is a barrier of innovation and a line that supports the blossoming of mediocrity. 635 more words


The art of learning Arabic

Learning Arabic language is one of the most difficult language learning lessons, but at the same time very much rewarding. Arabic language opens a whole spectrum of new career, wonderful opportunities. 354 more words

Learning Arabic