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Embrace and love learning...

Coming home this afternoon to my children and showing them the poster about a philosophy on learning. Telling them all about my past few days away at this amazing workshop, watching them look at me in awe.. 1,841 more words


Does traditional education help you become wealthy?

The short answer here is “yes”. The long answer is “maybe” and if you’re looking at fringe cases then the answer might even be “no”. 671 more words


Learning Experiences

With every new endeavor we embark on there is always a learning curve. It is unavoidable. That’s okay, though. As long as we learn the lessons and don’t make them next time around. 339 more words

Krieg Universe

The Time of Year

“Does your wife know how close we are?”

It’s been a year (and a few days) since I opened Facebook to that fated message.

I remember that night so clearly – we’d been arguing throughout the day about the way he’d acted when we left the hospital to see his niece.   1,043 more words

Be Brave

Alpaca Pedicure

We have to trim our alpacas’ toenails a few times a year. We only got the alpacas in January so we haven’t actually got any experience in this area. 398 more words


Make Money With Rental Properties

Remember those e-mails where they ask you to answer a survey, but you don’t because: (a) you have no time, (b) you’re not interested, or (c) it might be a scam? 673 more words

Abbey Bravo

Sitting in Silence.

I feel terrible today.

I mean absolutely dreadful. I feel low, so low. I haven’t felt this low in over a year… and I hate that I’m back in this place! 611 more words

Learning Curve