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Ho hum .. I have a dilemna

I’m running out of space on WordPress :(      I don’t know how many more photographs and stories I can squeeze onto my current WordPress blog… 67 more words


My Dad’s A Goldfish: Learning Curve

After the diagnosis there was a compulsion to find out more – what exactly is this vascular dementia? What is going to happen? What changes can we expect? 1,065 more words


Hatching a turkey chick

On Saturday I wrote about the 6 newly-hatched turkey chicks I had found and the 2 chicks that hatched from pipped eggs – see here. 503 more words


Alec Walked in for a Consultation and Walked Out with Braces

Here’s another item into the time capsule:  today Alec got braces.

It’s been on our List of Things Which Need to be Done but Which Will Cost Us A Bunch of Money for quite awhile, but he’s at he right age to get them, so we went, this morning, for an initial consultation with an orthodontist recommended by friends. 273 more words



Because Monday’s are all about setting the tone for the week…may it not all be melancholic as this track…but reflective all the same..

To poignant weeks and then some ;)

Learning Curve

Breaking turkey news

I had a post all ready to go about the turkey chicks, but it has been superseded by new turkey chick news! This morning I popped over to check on the turkeys and the four chicks. 487 more words