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Margaret and Makaton

I said it at the time, and I’m happy to repeat it decades on: I don’t think Margaret had a learning disability.  But she came to the Day Centre, because she didn’t talk.   1,632 more words

Quite by accident, we discovered why our 11-year-old son could not read

I was gathering books to return to friends one day when the book “Reading by Colors” by Carol Irlen caught my eye.

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The schoolroom centre

My complete failure to bring anything positive into the life of Jane should, in any rational universe, have been tank-trap roadblock in the path to my future involvement in learning disability service provision, but learning disability seems to inhabit a looking-glass world where everything is back to front. 956 more words

Stand Back! The Kids Are Going To Try Science!

Written by Michael, a Clonlara School guest blogger, (***Clonlara School does not endorse or recommend any product/service in connection with this author***).

Stand Back, The Kids Are Going To Try Science! 528 more words

Alternative Education

No blue badge for a learning disabled child is like taking away their freedom....

I have to admit to shedding a tear in front of Angel today.. Mummy’s upset she says….why?

We were sitting in the SMART (SouthEast mobility and rehabilitation technology centre) in Edinburgh having been referred there for Angel’s blue badge assessment. 347 more words


Telling my boss about my difficulties

A few weeks ago I wrote the blog “My New Job” where I spoke about starting a new job and the highs and lows as a result of my difficulties I had discovered in my first 5 weeks there. 2,803 more words


Accepting Your Child For Who They Are


As a flip side to the coin we flipped last week with our entry about expecting more from your child, I would also like to offer up the scenario of parenting a child who has difficulties functioning in a traditional classroom setting. 645 more words