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Change can be as simple as a Scribble on a Blank Sheet of Paper

At least this is the mental script I’ve been taught by a mom that I work with.

She has embarked on a lifelong journey to guide and support her amazing little boy through first grade of school. 1,798 more words


Seven Ways I Cope with ADHD without Meds!

  1. Colour-code and colour-assign everything. I tend to make associations with colours and images rather than words, despite being a avid reader. The brighter the better–folders, post-its, plastering stickers on everything (especially stuff I need to find, like my phone), lots of fun keychains help me find my keys.
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July Update!

Merseyside is a very busy place with lots and lots going on for people with a learning disability!

Active Me

Active Me are now offering additional sports sessions throughout the week. 313 more words

Is your Child Dehydrated?

The average human body is 75% water. By not drinking enough water we are causing a whole raft of health problems which can all be avoided by simply increasing our water intake. 193 more words


F.A.T. City Workshop: Resource Review

How difficult can this be?  The F.A.T. City Workshop: Understanding Learning Disabilities (Presented by Richard D. Lavoie)

I first watched this at a course about Learning Related Vision Problems and how to treat it with therapy. 440 more words


Do you see these Symptoms (English)


The problem with Symptoms….. they are just a whole bunch of problems, but they don’t tell you what is actually wrong. Getting a diagnosis is very important, because until you know what you are dealing with, you don’t know how to treat the problem and the cause.  13 more words



Despite what you might have heard about reversed letters, dyslexia simply means “poor with words or trouble with reading”. The word is nothing more than a way to identify a reading problem. 165 more words

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