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#107days - Justice for LB

Whilst this blog is usually reserved for posts about mental health, today I’m making an exception. Today is Day 29 of 107 Days of Action for LB. 356 more words

Soldier's voice #2

Soldier certainly made me laugh today, he may be non-verbal but he knows what he wants!

I was recently updating his clothes for the summer, I thought lets be bold and get something a bit different from his navy, denim and beige trousers. 124 more words


ESL and LD tutoring

When I first started tutoring, I thought I was just going to work with ESL students.

There are a surprising number of people from all around the world who move to Nashville. 781 more words


It's official, and it's okay

As of today I am the official parent of a Special Education student. And you know what? That is just fine with me. Danny just needs help figuring out how to process things, it doesn’t change who he is, or me or the rest of the family. 355 more words


Is that math or are you yelling at me?...

I’ve had issues with math my entire life. I hate it. Maybe loathe would be a better word. Numbers make me cringe and its not infrequent that I will burst into tears from sheer frustration. 427 more words


The last learning disabilities I will be talking about is Dyspraxia which is a disability in motor skills.  One on ten people have this disability. most of us probably know someone with this disability.There are four types of  D… 215 more words

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