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fall flat on one’s face

to fail miserably
—If you don’t practice enough before giving your speech, you’ll fall flat on your face in front of everyone.

When the Israelites reached the end of their journey, before entering Canaan, they camped in the plains of Moab. 190 more words


piece of cake

Have you heard of the idiom “piece of cake”?

Literally this phrase refers to a slice of a delicious dessert called cake. However, it’s also a sweet way to say something is… 13 more words


Tips to expand your English outside the classroom

We got some great tips from a teacher to help you expand your English outside the classroom.

Make sure you speak English as much as possible… 485 more words

English Blog

How to stop translating and start THINKING IN ENGLISH!

This is every ESL students dream, and one of the most important steps in learning a new language. To think in that language means you have really ‘got it’.   817 more words


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Learning English


Sophia is now visiting her grandparents here in Kyiv. She asked her granddad to show her the Cloudbabies on the  iPad, which I, of course, did, having beforehand surfed the Internet to see what the Cloudbabies were about. 188 more words

Dealing with e-mails that you don't understand

Many times, when you receive an e-mail that you don’t understand, it’s easy to assume that it’s YOU who is the problem. It’s easy to think that maybe your English isn’t good enough, or maybe you need better business vocabulary. 77 more words

The World Of The Virtual Assistant / El Mundo Del Asistente Virtual