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Education in Glove

In Glove, the goal of education is to make children that are kind, smart, creative, and disciplined. To reach the goal, teachers, have to be patient and loving. 76 more words

Banda Aceh

Tips for proper English

While at school we learn  many rules that teach us how to write and express ourselves properly.  Some of them are an indispensable norm, others just a whim of our English teacher.Luckily,while teaching English we  usually forget the pedantic rules we had been taught. 294 more words

Learning English

Delaying Direct Feedback to Increase Student Autonomy

What do you find effective in regards to the timing of feedback for students?  I think that it of course varies according to student background, preferences, and learning styles, and that it is important to try different methods to prevent staleness and to discover potential advantages of various approaches.  388 more words
Learning English

Spelling/Dictation Wordlist Quizzes

I have been skeptical about simply testing students using word lists and dictating words one-by-one for students to write down.  Automatically, I assume that this will bring about all the negatives and boredom of rote learning and strict memorization without any context of seeing these words in fuller sentences, paragraphs, and readings.  460 more words

Learning English

Soft, Guided Reading

Today a student mentioned that she would like to do some additional reading work using newspapers or online texts relating to topics on health.  This is a good idea for her because in class and lessons she has been solely focused on reading somewhat edited and condensed texts, along with answering multiple choice questions, for purposes of reading comprehension test preparation.  671 more words

Learning English

Responding to Student Speaking with Speaking/Listening Methods

What are some of your ideas for responding to and correcting student errors in their speaking?  My previous default method was to usually take notes and write down points for later teaching when the student is finished her speaking turns. 349 more words

Learning English