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Further thoughts on Assignment 2 - learning experiences

We have been encouraged to go searching for ideas and examples of learning experiences and resources relating to our chosen curriculum content.  As I said in my last post I chose the science descriptor as it immediately brought to mind a range of things for me.  156 more words


Palm Reading

Nothing interests us quite like the future.  Various methods of fortune telling have arisen over the ages ranging from deeply intricate practices such as astronomy and numerology to simpler approaches like paper fortune tellers and magic 8 balls.   518 more words

Learning Experiences

Tatted Jewels

Those of you who have read my previous posts will know that I started my first business when I was twelve.  While this is true, I didn’t own a legitimate business (paying taxes and all) until I was in my 30’s.   385 more words


While I was working at a hostel in Southern Mexico a few months ago, I came across a couple of European guys playing backgammon.  Thinking it to be an outdated game, I was surprised to see a portable set out on the table.   351 more words

Learning Experiences

Physical Education (August-September 2014)

To support the concept of “function” in this unit, the students are going to learn about components of health-related fitness (e.g., body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength). 33 more words

Learning Experiences

Information and Communication Technology (August-September 2014)

The students are going to learn how to take pictures using an iPad and show parts of their new places around the school using arrow and text to support the summative assessment of Unit of Inquiry. 

Learning Experiences

Goofy-footing a RipStik

I never had any interest in skateboarding until I started to surf.  A few weeks ago I picked up skating on my brother’s RipStik G, also known as a caster board, and found it similarly fun to surfing.   487 more words

Learning Experiences