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Reading and viewing and mystery...

I’m a self-avowed mystery junkie and have no problem admitting it to anyone.  Since taking a Detective Fiction English elective in high school, I’ve enjoyed reading all types of mystery and thriller fiction along with true crime. 493 more words

Learning Experiences

The Young Entrepreneur

I was quite young when I opened my first business, twelve, as a matter of fact.

My friend, Jennifer, and I, decided we needed to make some money.   406 more words


Professional development using courses provided by Copenhagen Business Center

How I came to know about Copenhagen Business Services?
In 2011, I was chosen to participate in European Commission event, ‘9th Open Days of Regions & Cities’. 804 more words

Envisioning 21st Century Global Manager

Created strong foundation in about knowing more about China! Thanks HKUST!

How I came to know this course?

I have been always curious to know more about China. China, being my neighboring country, I always got to read more about the cultural relations prevailed between India & China. 869 more words

Envisioning 21st Century Global Manager

Knowing before hand is always better than waiting for things to happen: Thanks University of Pittsburgh in teaching me that!

Why I needed to know more about disaster preparedness?
I consider myself an adventures & explorer. I have been to many trekking trips and studied vividly about some of the natural obstacles which may occur during such trips. 836 more words

Envisioning 21st Century Global Manager


sub·jec·tive /səbˈdʒɛktɪv/ adjective
Philosophy : relating to the way a person experiences things in his or her own mind

You see, each and every one of us experience different things when it comes to living life. 313 more words

MIT OCW: A paradise for life long learners

How I got to know about MIT-OCW?

I think it was in 2006, when one of my senior told me about MIT Open Course Wares. At that time, I was trying to figure out a safe pathway for the vehicles, carrying harmful/explosive chemicals passing through a highly dense area. 746 more words

Envisioning 21st Century Global Manager