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The Exposure Triangle Part 4 - Bringing it All Together

In our exciting conclusion to the exposure triangle series I will bring all of the individual elements together and explain my general thoughts on how I choose settings and modes. 529 more words


Making Mistakes

So there are some bad habits I have in my photography process, and some things that I do for the first time and have to then learn from them.  324 more words

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Being at eye level with your photography subject

On my recent guest blog post about Composition, I talked about two elements I want to combine here, focussing on the eyes and BEING at eye level with your subject.  550 more words

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The Exposure Triangle Part 3 - Aperture

In this Third post on the exposure triangle, I will be covering aperture, which is in my mind the most interesting part of the exposure triangle. 946 more words


Changing the Lenses in life !!

Lenses are those bits of our lives which define our values. If anyone’s aim is to be an politician his lens will be to be socially compliant but if someone believes in business then s/he would have an economically enriching mind set. 382 more words

Leading Lines in Photography Composition

Yes I am thinking a lot about composition at the moment, can you tell :)  This time it is ‘Leading Lines’ which are an important element to use well when they are available, but one that will only be available in certain circumstances. 333 more words

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The Exposure Triangle Part 2 - Shutter Speed

In this second post on the exposure triangle I will be covering shutter speed. Shutter speed is usually dictated by your other settings and is responsible for motion blur. 390 more words