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Experimenting with composition

My boredom is starting to really get out of hand. I have three more weeks until school starts again. (God save me)

I’ve been looking into different aspect ratios. 140 more words


You Asked For It - Composition


I had recently been asked to participate in a post called “Blog hop around the world”.   In this post I had to answer four questions about my craft or passion which is photography.   801 more words


Views of Christchurch Estuary Sunsets from my Archives

So I recently sorted out the storage for my photos and now they are all on one drive.  While doing the transfer I spent some time looking through what was there for culling purposes and realised that there were some potentially nice images tucked away unprocessed. 220 more words


A Malleable Frame

The three most important elements in any photograph are: subject, lighting, and composition. Of course, you can create an interesting photograph with just one of these elements highlighted, or a good photograph with two of these elements working very well together, or even a great photograph when all of these elements are at their optimum and working together as if with a certain magic. 547 more words


Baby Steps

“There is a very powerful argument for getting it right in the camera, not only to keep your photographic techniques in tip top condition but also, and ironically, because if your images coming from your camera are optimum, then any subsequent Photoshop manipulation will also be of the highest quality.”

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The perceptive elements: direction, size, texture, colour, value.

These elements of design that I like to call ‘the perceptive elements’ are not as objective as the previously discussed elements. I say as such because the observation of such are often influenced by the perceptive interpretation by one’s mind, which is culmination of lifetime of personalised events and visual experiences. 921 more words


Just backed this Camera Strap on Kickstarter

Trey Ratcliff posted this on his G+ feed so went to take a look and after checking out that they would mount onto my RRS L plate, I backed for a Slide+Clutch combo. 135 more words

Useful Tips For Beginners