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Learning Project Summary

Along with the blog posts throughout my project I have compiled my summary into a Prezi which can be viewed here.

This Prezi includes the… 49 more words

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Making Paper!

I would like to take you through a step-by-step guide of how I made paper for the first time all by myself with only natural plant materials. 992 more words

ECMP 355

Plant Fibers for Papermaking

I found a pdf by Catherine Nash that has organized a bunch of different plants into an easy to read chart that tells you which parts of the plant to harvest and how to turn them into pulp. 287 more words

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Making a Mold and Dackle

On Monday, I went out to purchase everything that I needed to make a mold and dackle for making paper. In order to make your own mold and dackle all you need is: 455 more words

ECMP 355

What is a mold and dackle?

I found this video on YouTube as part of a series on the Expert Village to help me learn about what a mold and dackle are for paper making. 260 more words

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