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Knit 1, Purl 2, Slip off 3

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all take a brief moment to stand back and applaud – for the first time in my life, I have actually managed to follow up my talk with the walk. 489 more words

Knit wise and purl foolish

I have been crocheting or rather learning to crochet since December 2012. That is a year and three months of crocheting experience and yet, I wouldn’t put myself past the beginner level. 700 more words

The Knitting Lesson: Sestina on Knitting

People keep coming to my blog looking for knitting poems, and there’s part of me that has wanted to keep this poem in reserve for some reason.   642 more words


Overcoming Sock Fear Without Therapy

Progress has been achieved on my FIRST ever sock. I promise pictures soon but I am way too tired to run upstairs for the camera, take pictures, transfer them to the computer and then run the camera back upstairs. 393 more words


Knitting Mentors

This past Christmas I was struggling with a new knitting technique, so I turned to You Tube for some answers to find some video demonstrations to help me. 502 more words


Knit Your Own Zoo - Panda

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t do a post about my zoo challenge last week. This is because a close family member passed away and I didn’t knit a single thing. 168 more words

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Learning To Knit & Choosing Yarn!

My son has been able to knit for a while, however as he has low motor skills he has found it very hard. Doing a row at a time then leaving it for a day or two, and although he likes the change of purling he found it harder, 10 stitches was about his limit. 385 more words