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In Bloom.

I’m a sucker for these sights. The very fact that clear skies are occurring somewhere on this planet steadies my breath. It’s really special when you think about it. 174 more words

Project Love Yourself

Letter One: Your Pursuit of Generosity

Dear Self,

You’ve got a long way to go on this one, but that’s all the fun of it. This semester, you’ve actually practiced what you’ve preached. 394 more words

Project Love Yourself

An undeniable reality: My struggle with everyday life

Sometimes I find myself sitting alone and contemplating everyday life. Of course, I am an avid over-thinker so this isn’t the best thing for me, but sometimes I am brought to a place of peace simply by realizing the worst possible outcome of the things I ponder on. 305 more words

Eating Disorder

Monday March 17

The Fundamentals

We all have to start somewhere, and it pays to have a strong foundation. After all, we can only eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time, right? 129 more words


Despite lazing around, I managed to fit in a Fit Fix before going to work.

Have I mentioned how lovely the ladies have been? Encouraging without judgement. 75 more words


The Physical Assessment (part one)

So yesterday was the big day… Talking with a personal trainer about my goals, weighing in, etc.

I was terrified. 156 more words


After my day off post Operation Purple Knee, I was a bit sceptical about putting pressure on it, but I wasn’t willing to put off my cardio orientation… So I went! 151 more words