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Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled: Stay-Stitching Scrutinised

The second post in my Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled series! Last week I dissected basting stitches and this week you can join me in investigating stay stitching! 540 more words


Planning and Possible Ponies

I like January! I might be biased as my birthday is towards the end of it but I still like it. Everyone seems to start the new year positively, or as positively as they can and I find my inbox and phone beep with people wanting to make plans. 791 more words

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"I Made That!" Monday - Padding my iPad!

After my success with a Kindle case for The Boy a couple weeks ago I decided that the rest of my electronics deserved happy new homes! 583 more words


Bad fabric choice

So this weekend I have been making my Francoise dress. I love the pattern and I love the fabric I’ve chosen but I’ve decided I don’t love them together. 253 more words


Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled: All About That Baste

This is the first post in my blog series: Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled. This post I’m looking at the Baste stitch / Basting!

My first thought on reading as tutorial instructing me to “Baste along the longer side, 1/2” from the edge.” was…baste? 366 more words


And, The Cat Sat!

Oh! Look! A new perch! It’s perfect! You’re the best human ever! Deep purrs and squinting green eyes accompany the psychic message. Our long haired, tuxedo tabby quickly takes his place on top of the unopened sewing machine box that my husband had just placed on the sewing machine table. 376 more words

Learning To Sew

"I Made That!" Monday - Cushions Galore

For Christmas I was gifted Sewing Machine Basics by Jane Bolsover, I really like this book! Not only does it teach you basic and necessary skills but each section focuses on a new skill, like hems, gathering and zips, with increasingly challenging projects to work on at the end of each section featuring the skill you have learnt. 466 more words