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Oochies and Ahhs

Last week I did something funny to my lungs, it wasn’t like I was sick – I just couldn’t take a deep breath and if I laid down to rest I shot straight back up from the pain. 528 more words


Polish for dummies

I arrived to Poland on February 2, 2014, eight months ago. Besides getting adapted to Poland (colder weather I am used to, different people, making new friends…),  you can try also to learn some Polish! 310 more words


Featured Video: Why Teachers Matter

October 5 is the day we commemorate World Teachers’ Day. On this day, we celebrate awareness and appreciation of teachers’ contributions to education and society. Inspire and be inspired by their lifelong passion to educate the world. 24 more words


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About teachers lifelong passion to educate the world.

How to Create PDF files using Google Drive

Google Drive is a Cloud service provided by Google, free of cost. It allow us to upload and share your files. It allow us to convert our Microsoft office Word files to PDF files also. 246 more words


The Line in the Sand

Boundaries. We despised them as kids and we thrive on them as adults. We set them up for our protection, our sanity, and sometimes, just because we can. 580 more words

The Christian Woman

College and Life Lessons

I learned that a place cannot bring you happiness.

Last year I was going to a College in New York, my home, and I hated it. 328 more words


"Becoming The Bull" Book Review

Whether it’s bodybuilding or life, everyone could use a good mentor. In bodybuilding, a landscape where misinformation is rife and where our choices can affect the quality of our long term health, a good mentor becomes even more vital. 1,241 more words