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Stupid Good Summer School Week 7: Pimento Grilled Cheese

I think I live in the real south now. Florida, it doesn’t count. Even Tallahassee is pushing near-Georgia status, but Birmingham, AL is where sweet tea flows through most water fountains and  339 more words


Another Angle

Missing this morning view already. Will definitely come back sometime.


Day 181 ~ Ready, Read

I have some new books.

Weeeeellll, they’re not actually mine. My friend who is moving to the other side of the world didn’t have room to take them and didn’t want to give them up. 231 more words

Daily Life

It’s finals week…I’m teaching three classes and taking two…I’m going mildly insane…but the grammar/English teacher/book lover in me still wants to take a brief moment to appreciate a truly stupendous word.  62 more words


Study Skills Advice

As I mentioned back in June, this fall I’ll be teaching a brand new first-year seminar to incoming college students, in which I’ve decided to include some explicit instruction in study skills. 63 more words

Chad Raymond

E-Learning: Video Game Style

Neil Degrasse Tyson recently told Time magazine “I try to learn something new every day or else the day is wasted”.  I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment which is why I started this blog in the first place, technology is only going to become a larger part of our lives and it’s best to equip yourself with at least a working knowledge of technology basics. 305 more words

How To

Remembering the Orchid Grower

Before I started this blog and before my daughter started The Sound of Swarming, we managed and wrote a lot of material for a blog that focused on lifelong learning. 860 more words