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MidWest Writers Workshop & Writer's Village University

The workshop was incredible!  The intensive session I attended on Thursday alone was worth the price of the whole event, and there were sessions after that and two more days of activities as well!  373 more words


I've been getting results. What have you been getting?


So it has been a while.  Life is busy, but slowing down quickly.  Job interviews, vacation, finishing college and visiting relatives all have been a higher priority for me than writing.  496 more words


WAHM the Balancing Act

When you are a WAHM the balancing act can be one of the most difficult tasks to figure out. Building your business from home takes time and lot’s of work, building your home and family also takes time and lot’s of work…combining the 2 can become very overwhelming at times. 491 more words


New Environments

From the Intern Minister, by Christina Hockman

Last week I got a foster dog.  My terrier-mix Enzo (a.k.a. Evil Puppy) has been in need of canine company since my other, elderly dog passed away in May.   491 more words


Learning through grief

What I have learned is change is sometimes necessary to grieve. To appreciate the things that are important we must thank the ones we lost. Pain will always come and go but it can live beside the love we feel in peace as long as you let yourself feel both.


Is your toddler a finicky eater?

Some parents have noticed a change in their toddler’s eating habits, but although it’s frustrating for parents, finicky eating is normal behavior for toddlers. Be patient and offer a variety of healthy foods for your picky toddler to choose from. 318 more words



Commuting for the last few months has taught me several things:

1. when you drive to and from work it costs you 2 hours and 3 gallons of gas–which is about ten dollars worth.   400 more words

Professional Life