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How to stay young forever

Late last year (December 2013), as we crisscrossed across Costa Rica, we found ourselves at Casa Batsu (in Monteverde), a beautiful place run by Carlos and Paula. 500 more words


Like in the movies - part six

After that beautiful morning, we wanted to see each other again – soon. The week after it was not as easy to find a morning date, so we started looking into other options. 919 more words


Like in the movies - part five

The unfinished business we had, was that we had been waiting for the opportunity to have sex without a condom. We had made sure we were clean and just awaited the right opportunity – when he got all quiet on me. 930 more words


Why do I continue?

What is it about men?
Why is it that they expect to be treated as men but they are not prepared to step up and truly be a man…. 467 more words


Like in the movies - part four

I had problems to comprehend that it was true. I blinked. Several times. The sms was still from him. I tried to catch my breath. 812 more words


Handling chaos...

Last week, I was in a circle that touched upon, among other things, ways of handling chaos in life. When it was my turn to opine, I shared the following thoughts. 314 more words


Poetry time - 2

Here are some more from Barbro – hope you enjoy.


There is no love without risk
You reached out
and I’m willing to step out there… 204 more words