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Message For the Day..." Every Human Being is an ' Amsavatar'..."

Oblivious to the presence of the Divine within, people embark on the quest for God. They behave like a person who goes to borrow milk from their neighbour, forgetting the wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu) in their backyard. 108 more words

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Geography of Bliss

This book is written in the form of a travelogue of a grump that travels all over the world seeking happiness. I loved the message in the book, although I think Bill Bryson does a much better job of being a travel writer than Eric Weiner. 377 more words


NASA Announces An Earth like Planet ....

NASA and Kepler telescope researchers have just announced that they’ve discovered an Earth-sized planet, circling a dwarf star at a distance that would allow that planet to support liquid water. 444 more words

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Message For The Day..." Only When Your Mind Is Pure, You Can Realise The Divinity In You ..."

There are several, who, despite chanting the Lord’s name for several hours, days and months together, did not transform themselves even one bit. The demonic nature of Ravana, Bhasmasura and Kamsa did not diminish even a little, despite their chanting of the Lord’s name. 82 more words


Kitchen That Feeds 100000 Daily ...

Free kitchen in India run at the Sikhs’ holiest shrine produces 200,000 flat breads and 1.5 tonnes of lentil soup daily.

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Message For The Day..." Never Be Egoistic of Your Knowledge... "

Educare guides a person to be humble, it grants a sense of discrimination endowed with wisdom. Why should anyone feel proud in being educated? Ultimately isn’t what he or she has attained a fraction of all learning? 95 more words

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