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Too much and Too many times

Have you ever been through the same experiences many times and everytime felt the same feelings. I have. And everytime I think there is something to learn from this but the next time again I see myself being so frustated with it all. 416 more words


:-P (j&j is >.<)

sa week na ito nagdiscuss si sir about sa tautology,contradiction at contingency…natutunan ko na kapag laging true ang truth table ang tawag dito ay tautology habang kapag false naman ay contingency at kapag the same na false and true ay contradiction…yan lang hehe


Message For the Day..." You Must Upkeep The Name , Honour and Reputation of Your Family..."

Even animals react based on your feelings. As is the feeling so is the reaction. Every being goes by these three: reaction, reflection and resound. It is only the evil tendencies, the bad feelings amongst human beings which cause wild reaction from animals. 115 more words

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Yesterday, July 21st, I revised 56 Japanese words and I got 100%. Go me!

No More Zero Days

Message For the Day..." Everything Around us is Divine ..."

God alone possesses the strength to create anything and everything, both permanent and impermanent. God is all knowing and omnipresent. He created this world with His Divine Will (Sankalpa). 131 more words

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Glamper is fixed!

And…I am a little smarter as a result.

After having such a negative experience with AC Nielsen RV, I found a family owned RV seller and maintenance shop actually closer to me in Elkhorn, NE. 438 more words


the Continuation. . .

June 30-July 04

This week is the continuation of our lesson in Propositional Logic.We have discussed about the Biconditional Proposition.Im just confused about the truth table and the operator in biconditional proposition so i dont understand yet the topic clearly in this week.