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" Once in a Blue Moon ... " !!!

Once in blue moon!

You all must have heard and also used the phrase_ “Once in a blue moon” , but many of us may not know what is a blue moon, or rather when is a blue moon. 103 more words

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How to stay young forever

Late last year (December 2013), as we crisscrossed across Costa Rica, we found ourselves at Casa Batsu (in Monteverde), a beautiful place run by Carlos and Paula. 500 more words



Okay, so this is a follow up post on the “Decisions” incident in my life. So, last time I talked about the whole back and forth that went on between me and my friend. 630 more words

Daily Life

july 22 and 24, 2014

nagdiscuss ule si sir burgos ng bagong topic tungkol sa tautology, contradiction at contingency. 

tautology ang tawag kapag lahat ng sagot sa truth table ay true. 77 more words



July 21, Monday…i Learn about tautology,contingency and contradiction.

July 23.wednesday.that was our earthquake drill…so..nd nagdiscuss c sir.

then July 25,…acquintance day.. excuse daw kmi sa subject ni sir….yan lang.=D

My Notes

Knowledge for Last week

July 21-25 this week we tackled the tautology that always true and contradiction is always false even contingency neither tautology nor contradiction.We learned how to get or to know the result of truth table even we’ve solve row by row.


July 21-25

Tautology,Contradiction and Contingency

This week nagdiscuss si sir about tautology, contradiction and contingency. Pag-TRUE lahat ng sagot sa Truth Table ang tawag dito is tautology because  58 more words