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He's got a point

I have been putting off seeing my dad for the last year plus a few months. At the age of 43, this man has been out of my life more than he has been in it. 216 more words

Boyd Memorial, Leary, Calhoun County

This monument sits across from the Depot in Leary. It’s dedicated to Phillip Edward Boyd, and the inscription says “33 Years Dedicated to Leary 1878-1908″. I know that Boyd was a decorated Civil War veteran, but that’s about all I can find. 9 more words

Cultural Feature

Countercultures: Timothy Leary

Where would you send your body after it dies? Some might choose a coffin, buried in the ground or on a flaming boat perchance. Others might prefer to be preserved, maybe for scientific research, or cryogenics: the hope for a return to the world in the future. 1,971 more words


Downtown, Leary, Calhoun County

This is the view of Leary from the Boyd Memorial. Notice the well kept Amerits Bank with the cars out front.

Cultural Feature

Bill Shepphard Ford Dealership, Leary, Calhoun County

Through the grapevine I’ve learned this building was an old Ford dealership. I’m unsure when it was abandoned. (Private Property)

Cultural Feature

Abandoned House, Leary, Calhoun County

These homes have since been painted eye catching colors, sadly this covers up some of the more interesting architectural features. (Private Property)

Cultural Feature