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Looking Towards the McClendon Lake Dam, Leary, Calhoun County

The McClendon Lake is at the edge of this field, notice the flat-bottom hardwood trees at the edge. I wasn’t able to reach the dam without trespassing, so I settled for this shot. (Private Property)

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Harpe Grocery, Leary, Calhoun County

This mural has nearly faded away. If anyone has in info on this grocery please let me know!

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Former Site of Saint Paul's Church, Leary, Calhoun County

My records show that this church once sat at this fork in the road on the Chickasawhatchee Wildlife Management Area. Any info on this church would be greatly welcomed.

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Former Site of Pinebloom Church, Leary, Calhoun County

From what my records show Pinebloom Church once sat in this field on Deer Run Plantation. I’m unsure what the denomination was. (Private Property)

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Leary Deopt, Leary, Calhoun County

I don’t know much about the Leary Depot, but I plan to visit again soon. (Private Property)

The Leary Depot was once used as a restaurant.

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'Muckrakers': Can transparency be taken too far?

WATERTOWN — The idea of what constitutes a journalist continues to be a moving target, as does the idea of what constitutes journalistic ethics, if indeed there should even be such a thing. 679 more words