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Five Reasons Why You Always Need to Read Your Lease

Most people have heard that they should always read what they sign. Sometimes, the word “carefully” gets lost in the shuffle. Just to set the record straight, it is important to carefully read everything you sign, especially the lease for your st…

Who Is Involved in The Home Buying Process ?

Buying a home? Make sure you have the right realtor. Some people who you may want to get involved in your home buying process are: 113 more words


Seven tactics to maximize the return of your investment property

(This article is extracted from my book No B.S. Guide to Property Investment, a bestseller at Kinokuniya and Times bookstores.)

As an investor, you have two major objectives when you are holding your property: 842 more words

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Wishbone Brewery 1st Floor

We started shooting the units today for the ‘Schedule of Condition’ for the lease, this is where we photograph the units to show their current condition so that if I left at the end of term I could have to return the units to their original state. 145 more words


The Lighter Side - Part 2

Amongst the hundreds of phone calls and meticulous research work, tracking down around 120 UK firms with plans to move each week, there are some lighter sides to the job of putting together our brand of intelligence-led property business leads every 7 days: 505 more words

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What is considered urgent repairs under my residential lease?

An urgent repair might be: flooding or serious flood damage, gas leak, dangerous electrical fault, serious storm or fire damage, burst water service or serious water service leak, serious roof leak, fault or damage which makes the premises unsafe or insecure, failure or breakdown of gas, electricity or water supply to the premises, failure or breakdown of hot water service, stove, oven, heater or air conditioner leaving no alternative.


Lease Specials

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