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Learning How to Train Your Puppy Effectively

Most of you will have heard of traditional dog training, and example of this type of training would be a jerk on the leash to punish the dog for an unwanted behavior such as pulling or lunging. 294 more words

Dog Training

I'm Not Sure I Remember How To Do A Wheely


Road trips are one of my favourite things to do. I like driving. I also like stopping. When you stop, you can find some very cool things to see and do. 146 more words

Woman Walks Her Man Around Town On His Hands And Knees On A Leash [Video]


Was he a DOG who CHEATED?  Are they into some FREAKY master/slave smashin’?!  Is it a PR stunt for the 50 Shades Of Grey… 120 more words


Nothing To See Here...Just A Man On A Leash

A woman walking a man with a leash and on all fours is making the rounds on the web.

Why is everyone so shocked by this? 113 more words


What's your purpose?

Stop doing what others want you to do, do what YOU want to do. Stop living your life on a leash! If you were like me, then you’d probably be telling yourself that you don’t know what you want to do. 167 more words


Old English Bulldog: Dog Training, How to Leash Train

Hit “like” and “subscribe” for more training videos. Go to http://www.legendsdogtraining.com for information about training services. Training by Alyssa Lapinel, ce…
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