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KFU Kayak Leashes For Sale


Perfect for staying connected to your kayak and/or hanging onto your Fishing Rod! The Fishing Rod Leash attaches near your reel allowing you to keep track of your rod in case you lose grip or require both hands to handle a fish. 183 more words


Shell Game for Dog

If you think the shell game is just for people, you are wrong. This game uses 3 cups (or shells) and one yummy treat. Set the cups upside down in front of your dog. 63 more words

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Ombre Rope dog Leash

Walk your dog with your dog with these awesome leashes, many more colours to choose from .
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The Importance Of Professional Dog Training

Professional Dog Trainers, like those found at Durfey’s Dogs located in Ohio, are just what you should be looking for when you want a quality Obedience trained dog. 181 more words

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Lonely Dogs like Music and TV, Too

When you wake up in the morning, you usually think of all the things you need to do throughout the day. Your dog is probably thinking how many naps he can take, what he can chew on and wondering if someone will walk him later. 50 more words

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Durfey's Dogs Off Leash Training

If you are interested in dog training for your beloved pet, it can be a good idea to look into off leash commands for your dog. 177 more words

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