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Not quite my prop: Jack Harkness

I should first start with this: I love my teammates. I mean, really, I’ll do plenty for them. Also, combine that with my fondness for working with leather and you get this: me working on a leather holster for a friend. 221 more words


Supple Brown Satchel and Belt

A good friend of mine asked me if I could build him a bag to replace his previous beloved courier bag.  He asked me to make the bag clean looking: no buckles on the lid. 62 more words

Custom Leather

Whitney's Notes: Traditional Leatherwork of the Indigenous Peoples of North America (Work in Progress)

* Posts under ‘Whitney’s Notes’ are for me to organize my notes from conference, my research over special topics and my random work inspired by random things. 481 more words


Tutorial: Booker Dewitt's Pouch Tutorial

First post! And a tutorial, to boot.

So, recently I went to a gaming convention, and decided that for the theme, I was going to do Booker Dewitt, from Bioshock Infinite. 270 more words

Bioshock Infinite

See the Movie - Drink the Beer

You may have already read the post and now its your chance to see the movie which has been posted on you tube today complete with new jokes. 108 more words


Project: Buckskin Bags

To aid in downsizing our worldly possessions (and tons of raw materials), I initiated the buckskin bag project.  The goal is to produce as many little beauties as possible while experimenting and learning new techniques. 18 more words