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To whom it may concern

My blog is like my diary, my own personal space. I do not want people- more specifically, family- to go through it. It just kills the spirit, and makes me feel super weird. 28 more words


A man? A father? Supportive? Next joke 😂

Not someone I’ve blogged about or intended to blog about until I’m ready to get it all out off my chest an heal in a way when it comes To him , To much pain etc etc inside , but after a specific event, I’m so angry I had to get just a little off my mind with some of these quotes tonight,


Worries Go Away by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish

The dream team of Kes Gray and Lee Wildish have done it again with their new book Worries Go Away.

Like their previous two books, this one should be in every school, library and children’s centre. 459 more words

Book Review

Today is not the day....

It’s the best thing ever when you get back in touch with friends that you haven’t talk to in such a long time. You have a million things to talk about, all of their relationships sound so much more interesting than the current ones your friends are in that you see everyday, in which you are running towards the hills when the subject of relationships are brought up. 232 more words

i do not understand people.

i guess i should realize by now that all boys are basically the same. well that is the ones that i get invoked with. here i am thinking that the date went so well with shawn, when in reality, i guess i thought it went well and he is enjoying ignoring me now. 380 more words

All About Me

Let it be.

I recently messaged a friend and I realised she was not doing okay. A brief of my conversation is below:

Me: Hey.

She: Hi!

Me: How are you? 473 more words