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My whole entire life I have been criticised. I started ballet when I was almost 4 years old, ballerinas are supposed to be graceful and petite. 619 more words

Train Of Thoughts

my new low.

i have never had a panic attack before and after tonight, i never want to again. you feel like your whole life has shut down and my body started shaking like crazy. 174 more words

All About Me

Da fuck?

Every time I get a really bad idea, someone thinks it’s a great idea.

None of my ideas are wholesome. Let me give you a fine example. 205 more words


not even sure what is going on anymore.

if i could try and describe all that has happened in my life over the past week, it would be a road map that is simply going in every which way direction. 265 more words

All About Me

"A Tale of Two Sisters" and Moonwalker

Today The Dinglehopper presents, for your amusement, the parallels between Moonwalker and Once Upon a Time 4×01, “A Tale of Two Sisters.”

For those who’ve forgotten and those who never knew, let’s recap.   508 more words



You are free now, you may leave,
Take your bags and all that you own and go
Take with you all that you had brought… 120 more words

Warning Labels

If you had one, what would it say?    Mine would read: Be Authentic or Leave me Alone.

Inner Workings