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I'm Gonna Get Ya Sucker!

I was invited this early evening  to go to a fish fry given by a local church. I met a few of my friends there. The fish were being fried outdoors in electric fryers and the food and seating were indoors. 329 more words


Moonwalker's Smooth Criminal

Back in the day, when Michael Jackson released a new tune it became a television event. The announcement of the date and time of the video was always anticipated by the fans. 245 more words

Film History

When Bad became personal

Bad is a fascinating album because it is where the changes in Michael Jackson become apparent. It’s funny because the lighter his skin complexion became, the darker and more complicated his music turned.  667 more words

Michael Jackson

Breaking Up Is Hard

So we’ve been together for a little over a month. I asked you to go to homecoming with me. It’s my senior year and I didn’t want to go by myself. 160 more words

Why You Wanna Trip On My Michael Jackson Podcast?

Episode the second of “Yaxzon Jackson” is up and ready to be consumed by you, the eager listener. Dig in to hear Rollie and I discuss “Why You Wanna Trip On Me,” Michael J’s sequel of sorts to “Leave Me Alone” that features zero seconds of rapping from Heavy D: 75 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Be Thankful I Never Enjoyed The Sciences


I don’t ask for much out of my fellow human beings. Primarily don’t bother me. Honestly that is my primary ask, don’t bother me by doing stupid shit that causes me to regret being a writer and NOT being a chemist or scientist with an evil bent towards world domination or extermination of all life that annoys me on a regular basis. 189 more words

Scrawlings Of A Mad Man


My feelings for you won’t let me sleep.

Ironic, that you are much better in my head.

Every time I exorcise you out of my system, 21 more words