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150 Years Ago Today

April 17, 1864
the Day is Cloudy and rainey there is no meeting at the Church to day and so I Went With my Friend Mr Andrew Allsman to Mr Camps Enjoyed A fine visit Mr Camps Famaley are Fine Peapel returned home in the Evening

Before you ...

Before you assume, learn the FACTS.

Before you judge, understand WHY.

Before you hurt someone, FEEL.

Before you leave, commit to STAYING.



Don’t you hate when so much is going on around you, and you cant remember the little things.. I’m in California again, this time not for a happy visit. 62 more words

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Can I Travel While my I-485 Adjustment of Status is Pending?

Yes, it is possible to leave the United States while your I-485 is pending, but you will need to obtain certain documents to make sure that your adjustment of status case is not deemed abandoned. 297 more words

Green Card

150 Years Ago Today

April 16, 1864 stayed last Night With old Mr Traughber he is A fine man it rained and snowed by spels all Night started for home Eat Diner at Mr Anes Devices With Wesley Myers A solder Comrad Was also at Mr Greenfields and Did not arive at home until Night the Friends Was all Wel

Day 31 - How does the fox feel?

What a day!!!
This is the situation. My psychiatrist Sean has been great with my recovery plan. I’ve been going down to Canberra and it’s been doing me wonders. 1,125 more words

The Triple D

Gift Ideas

You may have been looking for the best gift ideas out there. Yes there are many great gift ideas, but none of them are as special as this one. 73 more words