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Swamp maple leaf

Swamp maples are usually the first to turn and start shedding leaves in the fall and ours are no exception. The good news is the colors are bright and wonderful, the bad news is this signals the beginning of leaf-cleanup season.


Swamp maple leaf

We have many swamp maple trees around here and from a distance all of their leaves look alike. Up close, however, there are distinct differences between them that makes them fascinating photographically. 18 more words


Maple leaf with spots

This leaf came from a very young volunteer maple tree growing in the woods next to our house. The patches of spots look to be caused by small living things that have attached and are eating, no doubt getting ready for winter.


I am in love with sunlight.

I am in love with sunlight. Morning walks with my family have been placed into the folder containing my most favorite memories. The air is cooler, the breeze is swifter, the world is quieter. 250 more words

Bling Jewelry Cubic Zirconia Leaves Turquoise Cocktail Statement Ring

This turquoise ring is a striking combination of white gold plated base metal and dazzling cubic zirconias. Its vintage design has a stylized vine leaf look that is ideal for any occasion. 76 more words

pure JOY

late afternoon sun

filters through breezy green leaves

-pure late summer JOY