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Lebanon's most famous dish: Tabbouleh Salad

Tabbouleh is considered the most famous Lebanese dish or salad worldwide. It is part of our Lebanese hertiage and its also super yummi….. Here is how we do it on the Lebanese way: 94 more words


Moghrabieh (Lebanese Couscous)

This dish would not be familiar to everyone, the closest thing it would resemble is a large grain couscous. This dish is quite popular in Beirut and always reminds me of my childhood. 329 more words


I Labneh Arabic Cuisine.

Marhaban and welcome to Dubai! The food in the UAE is unbelievably delicious. Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by all of my favorite things: lamb, hoummos, stuffed grape leaves, halloumi, grilled fish, olives, and pita. 355 more words

Meals With Friends

Lunch at Castello Cafe

Dubai is filled with Lebanese cuisine restaurants, you just need to find the right place to have a home cooked meal at a good cost. Therefore I decided to hit Castello Cafe to have some authentic home cooked food. 128 more words


Bulgur Stuffed Capsicums

Since my vegan transition I have been experimenting with lots of different ingredients,vegetables and fruits! So many dishes so little time :) This dish here has become a staple when I have guests over, I just love the colors :) 251 more words


Kebab and Hummus

To me there is nothing better than discovering a new restaurant, especially those hole-in-the-wall surprises that you would never think were good (or maybe you would think the opposite, that only holes-in-walls were good…I digress.)  Last week, I discovered such a gem just a 3-minute walk from my school site.   103 more words

5 Senses


Seattle has experienced a bit of a heat wave over the past few weeks, making it impossible to use your oven. Okay, according to the National Weather Service what we have experienced would not  be consider a heat wave; but it sure feels like it to me. 192 more words

Amandas Plate