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Stacey Baaklini (Lebanese)

“I chose to study sociology because its what I love. My dad originally wanted me to do business or something practical that I can find work in, but I wanted to do something I love.   23 more words


When Will I Run out of Stories to Tell about Being in Beirut?!!


I really would like an answer to my question. Every time I think I’ve been through the bad, the worse, and the worst, something happens to prove me VERY wrong. 788 more words


Howaida el Hashem هويدا الهاشم

Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem in a performance on tv in Lebanon. Howaida was famous for her drum solos which often concluded with a Turkish drop. 13 more words

Belly Dance

Gisele Bomentre (silver)

This is bellydancer Gisele Bomentre performing during a game show on Lebanese tv.
Gisele became well known in the Middle East, firstly in Lebanon but later throughout the region where she performed extensively. 79 more words

Belly Dance

Man films his wife committing suicide

Just how important is mass media today? We see our reflections far more in screens than mirrors; The screens of cellphones, IPads, IPods, laptops, televisions and other electronics. 737 more words

Antoine Haddad (Lebanese-Syrian)

“It makes me sad when I travel, especially with my friends that are Americans and foreigners, and I see discrimination just because of passports. Just because I’m Arab, I get discriminated against. 37 more words