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Michella Sfeir (Lebanese)

“My friend always tells me, ‘you don’t need to wait to be perfect, you don’t need to do something extra to be prepared to do something. 77 more words


Rindala (green bedlah)

This is Lebanese dancer Rindala.  What’s interesting about this clip is that this is the same music and same choreography as Mona al Said’s famous piece where Mona wears the costume with the big sleeves.  18 more words

Belly Dance

Attempt at garlic sauce aka toum

Hellooooo! So it’s been a while since I posted… not because I’ve been busy with other things, but because nothing exciting has really happened, food wise and life wise. 156 more words


Dani Boustros داني بسترس

This is a performance by bellydancer Dani Boustros wearing a black, white and gold bedlah.  The clip is from a Lebanese tv game show.

Belly Dance


The past week has largely been about the neatly alliterative bureaucracy and ballroom. Of all the things I imagined doing in China, lying half-naked and flat on my back getting an ultrasound wasn’t one of them, but it was thanks to Chinese adminstrative hoop jumping that it happened. 494 more words

Beirut Bloopers

Suhad Kharma (Lebanese)

“Early morning, when I’m sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee, early morning because everyone is sleeping and the whole world is for you. 20 more words


Rindala (apricot bedlah)

This is Lebanese bellydancer Rindala who’s best known for her full-on ‘Energiser Bunny’ style of performance that leaves the audience a bit breathless. One dancer even described Rindala as ‘…impatiently waving her time though taxims to get to the fast parts….’

Belly Dance