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Rindala (red bedlah)

Rindala had one speed and that was flat out!  Sorry about the poor quality of the clip. As with many of the clips of Lebanese dancers from the 70s-80s this was originally on an old video tape that’s been played so many times and has now been transferred to digital.

Belly Dance

Aish EL-Saraya ( عيش السرايا).

Hello everybody.

We’re Mansaf-ing today for dinner as well,second time this week :) ,but this time at my mother in -law’s house and ( don’t be shocked) we’re mansaf-ing again tomorrow at my mom’s, 3 Mansafs in one week is a big crime I suppose, bye bye diet !!!! 187 more words


Lebanese Weekend Box Office: September 11-14, 2014

It looks like Let’s Be Cops has turned into a runaway success at the Lebanese box office. The film stayed in the top spot for the second week in a row, fighting off four new releases as well as some strong holdovers. 233 more words


Howaida el Hashem

A performance by Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem probably from the 1980s. The game show was on LBC in Beirut. But floral shorts? Hmmmm.
In Arabic her name is written as هويدا الهاشم = Hwayda el Hashem. 54 more words

Belly Dance

Rindala (white bedlah)

This is Lebanese bellydancer Rindala who’s best known for her full-on ‘Energiser Bunny’ style of performance that leaves the audience a bit breathless.  One dancer describes Rindala as ‘…impatiently waving her time though taxims to get to the fast parts…’

Belly Dance

#19 Update Update!

Hey guys, just a quick update, everything has been so hectic for me lately!

After the couple of events I went to to celebrate fashion week, I had a very good friend of mine come to London and spend a few nights here. 314 more words