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Nancy Ajram - Shatir Shatir

This kids’ song by Lebanese pop singer Nancy Ajram is great for learning with your little ones but is also perfect for adult beginner learners of colloquial Levantine Arabic, as it’s full of useful everyday verbs. 356 more words


Lebanese Independance ; why it still matter.

Politicians complained and joked about the independence of Lebanon, and I’ve seen a lot of reactions like : “Independence ? Let me laugh, we are not independent” on twitter. 429 more words


How To Make Lebanese Kabsa, a Meat and Rice Dish

Kabsa (or kabsi) is a common Lebanon dish served on a big tray, usually presented when guests come over but can also be enjoyed by the family. 502 more words

Main Course


Fattoush is not just any salad.. it’s the salad, being one of the Lebanese traditional Mezzah ( or Mezzeh/Mezze .. however you would like to call it) 385 more words

Food Safety


Rahbani is the Last name of Mansour and Assi, the two brothers who created a new concept in Lebanese culture. They wrote songs and scripts, composed and were leaders in music, and much more beside the most important part that is having a family of innovators: directors, singers, actors, writers, composers… and of these names Ziad Rahbani, Ghassan, Elias, Mansour junior, Ossama…etc. 253 more words


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Exciting , delicious simplified recipes for your enjoyment.