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Welcome to my food blog!

Hello blog world!

I am new to this and in a weird way anxious about this new experience. I will mainly upload recipes of Lebanese food, but also include other types of foods that my mom makes occasionally. 260 more words


Moujadarra - Rice and Lentils from Lebanon

I used to think rice and lentils were the most boring dinner and they certainly have a dodgy reputation but since eating them Lebanese style with lots of crispy fried onions I have changed my mind. 290 more words

General Foodie News

Farewell to a Legend

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I heard the saddest new; the legendary Sabah had passed away.  Now I’m not one for Arabic music and movies, however, the news of her death did make me teary-eyed. 145 more words


~*The times they are-a changin'

A great throwback to my childhood birthday celebration with unforgettable school friends and authentic natural homemade cakes by my lovely mother… When I look today at cakes and birthday tables of children I see nothing but colors and artificial flavors bought/ready made and never homemade… 109 more words

Falafel- crisp deep-fried chick pea balls

Falafels with Hummus and Pita are a super hit Sunday brunch at my place. I make this meal often as it is really healthy and devoured with much enthusiasm by my boys. 291 more words


Hummus-the popular and healthy Middle Eastern Dip

Chick peas, deep flavoured garlic, zingy lemon, nutty sesame and earthy olive oil-  what’s not to love! Hummus is a tangy and super tasty dip from the Middle East. 318 more words

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