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Top Place to Learn Arabic

If you have been looking for a good place to improve your Arabic skills since the recent uprisings and civil wars in the Middle East, just like me, I want to sponsor a good article I found last week which made up my mind on where to go this summer and next autumn, in sha Allah. 566 more words

Arabic Course


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We alldream,
A dream of flight,
I’ve taken that dream,
I’ve beaten the challenge!



FEBA performs Aquarium 3 in 25 min, April 20th, 2014 | Some photos

Here are some pics from my gig with Fadi Tabbal, as FEBA, performing “Aquarium 3 in 25 min”.

Onomatopoeia, the Music Hub
April 20th, 2014

Photos by Joe Elias

Music | موسيقى

لكم لبنانكم .... ولي لبناني

لبنانكم طوائف و احزاب … لبناني هو عرس وحدة الاديان

Your Lebanon is sects and parties…My Lebanon is the marriage of religions
– jubran khalil jubran

For The Kids

Being a freelancer means choosing the projects you work on, the hours you work on, the remuneration you work for and the style you work in. 122 more words

Disclosing more evidence on the «PLOT TO UNSEAT Tarek RABAA»: "a British number"

After publishing the first evidence on the plot to unseat the eng Tarek RABAA based on a French mobile number 0033607867583 the intelligence of the Lebanese army had considered it used by the Mossad, but in fact it is used by a French transport company, a new evidence shows another British mobile number 00447859033661 they included in Tarek’s file as part of… 421 more words

Tarek Rabaa

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This is a scandal... Liberate the innocent engineer Tarek RABAA.

World Bank - at it again: pushing for privatization despite its failings

No matter how the World Bank likes to wrap itself up in gentle talk about helping the poor, their agenda remains quite clear: to support the rich. 253 more words

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