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Watch the throne for LeBron James

From the most hated to the champion of god flow: LeBron James knows that feeling too well.

“No one man should have all that power.” 1,068 more words


Some early NBA season thoughts.

The East has quietly improved since last season.

It’s the NBA’s worst kept secret, but the Eastern Conference has actually improved this season, the records of Eastern Conference teams may pale in comparison to those in the West but there is actually much more depth to it this season. 1,631 more words

Lebron James will he leave Miami?

I loved Lebron when he was on the heat I had a poster of him, and his heat jersey. So recent Lebron decides to leave the heat and goes to Cleveland and I had to trash the poster and the jersey I was so sad. 16 more words

Shoes I Recommend

Shoes I Recommend

Here are some of my favorite shoes, they will contain some cleats, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, shoes for regular day use, and much more. 159 more words

The King's royal faux pas

So…some British royalty were in town, and wanted to watch LeBron play. After, a photo-op, and LeBron put his arm around the Duchess. Evidently a no-no for a “commoner” to do. 25 more words