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Lecture 4: Genetic drift

Infinite population size is one of the HWE assumptions, but clearly it does not hold. However, for many large populations it can be good enough. In this lecture, we will consider what happens if the population is not very large. 3,833 more words


Lecture 3: Selection

Remember the assumptions of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE)?

  • Infinite population
  • Random mating
  • Random survival and propagation
    • no natural selection
    • no genetic drift

This lecture explores what is happening to frequencies of genes and genotypes when we apply natural selection acting on one or more phenotypes in the population. 3,270 more words


Lecture 2: The mathematics of genes

Remember what is needed for natural selection to occur: reproduction, inheritance, variability and variable fitness. In the following lectures, we will delve into the field of population genetics, in which we study the effects of variability, natural selection and genetic drift on simple, abstract, model populations. 2,148 more words


Civil Rights Symposium at Penn Center

From Victoria:
“Penn Center on St. Helena Island, South Carolina is hosting a Civil Rights Symposium to recognize and commemorate the anniversary of the founding of Penn School and its important role in United States history. 152 more words

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"Hilton Head in the Modern Era" Series Continues


Just a reminder about our “Hilton Head in the Modern Era” speakers’ series presentation by Robert Onorato, Developing 2000 Acres in the Middle of Paradise about the development of Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cove sponsored by the Heritage Library and Coastal Discovery Museum. 58 more words


'Under the hood' of assignments: talk at Lancaster University

It was a pleasure to present and talk about my research at the Literacy Research Discussion Group (Lancaster University) yesterday. The following is my Prezi for the session: 316 more words