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Rebecca Van Diver Featured in McGill Hour Talk on October 1

Rebecca VanDiver, assistant professor of history of art, will give a talk as part of Vanderbilt’s McGill Hour series on Thursday, October 1. Her presentation is entitled “Hands Up/Camera Ready: Emmett, Trayvon, and Michael, Photograph, History, and Violence.” 46 more words


Heritage Fortnight in Ipswich

UCS contributed two lectures to the Ipswich Heritage Fortnight: one on the Saxon Shore by Professor David Gill, and the other on Back on Track by Dr Geraint Coles. 77 more words


A Week Gone By

Lectures have finally been flowing and there’s no more of this induction rubbish which is good, but it means I have a lot of work to do in keeping up with the different modules. 309 more words


I say Bertie, good show!

I remember how nervous I felt when I submitted that first review for London Box Office – would they like it, would they publish it, or would they laugh in my face and tell me how bad it was? 437 more words


The Irrationality of Atheism on Truth, God, and Science - Frank Turek, PhD

Solace Church (August 2014) – Frank Turek speaks on how much faith you have to be an atheist despite there being so much evidence for God.


Pencils, Plates and Pricks

I had my first university lecture of my entire life and truly? i am not exactly inspired. In case i haven’t mentioned, i am studying Creative And Professional writing and today’s lecture was ‘Studying literature’ except it wasn’t, it was about how ‘stress’ effects how a sentence is perceived. 1,132 more words