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Back to University

Having just enrolled onto my third and final year I thought now would be a good time to list a few tips which new and returning students will be able to relate to and hopefully it will come in useful to some people who may be nervous about university. 733 more words


Vaclav Havel Library: Staged reading of Audience

September 10th, 6:45pm
Vaclav Havel Library

Vaclav Havel was a legendary playwright and dissident. He spent 5 years in prison for his courageous dissidence and went on to become Czechoslovakia’s first democratically elected president, then the Czech Republic’s first elected President. 176 more words

Just For Fun

Bilan lecture du mois d'août

Après celui de juillet, autre mastodonte en vue!

Pour ne pas changer (de trop), je vous parle d’un excellent YA – un thriller horrifique… Qui aurait cru qu’il m’aurait autant plu? 6,110 more words


The Free Soul

(Delivered in New York, 1896)

The analysis of the Sânkhyas stops with the duality of existence — Nature and souls. There are an infinite number of souls, which, being simple, cannot die, and must therefore be separate from Nature. 4,765 more words


Unity, the Goal of Religion

(Delivered in New York, 1896)

This universe of ours, the universe of the senses, the rational, the intellectual, is bounded on both sides by the illimitable, the unknowable, the ever unknown. 1,664 more words


The Goal

(Delivered in San Francisco, March 27, 1900)

(Reprinted from the Vedanta and the West, May-June 1958. The editors of the Magazine published it as it was recorded, adding certain words (in square brackets) to maintain the continuity of thought, and periods to indicate omissions that might have occurred in recording. 3,945 more words


Sankhya and Vedanta

I shall give you a résumé of the Sânkhya philosophy, through which we have been going. We, in this lecture, want to find where its defects are, and where Vedanta comes in and supplements it. 3,050 more words