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A Practical Sith Code

Written by Khaos
(Originally published on September 21st, 2009)

There are many codes in life, and each individual finds one, or makes up his own that he follows. 2,036 more words


NASA | The Hidden Ocean of Europa: Beneath the Frozen Surface

Jupiter’s moon Europa may be a habitable world. Evidence points strongly to a global subsurface ocean beneath an ice shell. The paucity of large craters argues for a surface age of only 60 million years, implying that Europa is still geologically active. 64 more words

News From The Solar System

Branded Spaces / Simulation

As my small vessel passed through the thick fog it revealed the small crescent shaped island. The jagged appearance and rocky stature of the island were the first signs of inhospitablity, however the empty ships still floating around it intrigued me especially as they seemed untouched by the extreme weather conditions around these waters. 434 more words

Graphic Design

Semiotic 13-01-2015:tue.

Truth Value

One of the crucial issues in communication is the question of the reliability of messages. Is what we see and hear true, factual, real, or is it a lie, a fiction, something outside reality? 342 more words


Judaism Lecture 4: Moses and Exodus (Part 1)

Today’s lecture features part one of a two part discussion of the Book of Exodus, following the story of Moses up to the crossing of the Red Sea. 11 more words


More words and also other artefacts

One of my favourite scenes from the painted pillar in Faversham parish church – the Annunciation to the Shepherds

Photograph: by Imogen Corrigan

Last night I joined more than a hundred other people who had come out to hear Professor Richard Gameson give a lecture at the Canterbury Cathedral Archives for the local branch of the Historical Association. 581 more words