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New Wireless Energy LEDs Promised by Terrain Tech Game Systems

http://terraintechgames.com/ Check out this new video by Terrain Tech Game Systems. Yes it is promising not only wireless energy LEDs, but also wireless ener…

Moment of Zen: Night Light Ski Video

This is visually stunning and from what I’ve read about the production process, an amazing feat of logistics and creativity. One thing to consider: this video is real! 35 more words

Moment Of Zen

An Arduino Halloween costume powered by an Arduino

A mechanical engineer by the name of Jam recently designed a slick costume based on (and powered by) her favorite prototype development board: the Arduino Uno… 165 more words

Makers Movement

Samsung's new induction stovetop projects 'virtual flames' onto pots and pans

- via The Verge

Don’t Burn your hand, the LEDs project flames on pans

Since the dawn of man, we’ve associated flames with heat. But since induction stovetops don’t emit any flames, it seems like they’re just waiting to roast your hand.

105 more words

'Hand-made' pills inspired by a starfish (Day 153)

I’ve blogged a few times over the past five months about 3D printing. It’s one of those technological developments¬†which has attracted the attention of chemical engineers, despite some apparent anomalies. 477 more words

Geoff Maitland

Let's be led's

A true Christian should be a light emitting disciple (led). Our purpose as a light emitting disciple is not to dazzle folks with our brilliance, but to shed light on their path. 28 more words


"Sun" Glasses

I recently made this nifty pair of “Sun glasses.”

Basically, the concept was to make glasses that mimic the feeling of being outside and looking up at the sun with one’s eyes closed. 405 more words