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Maker dad creates LED Minnie Mouse costume for daughter

Back in 2013, a Maker dad named Royce Hutain documented his daughter Zoey’s first LED Halloween costume in a brief YouTube video, which collected over 22 million views and later… 160 more words

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Building the modern-day lava lamp with Atmel

Having spent countless hours sitting as his desk, Maker Frank Cohen had always found lava lamps to provide a calming effect that would help him wind down after a long day’s work.  376 more words

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The stage as a musical instrument

For Nine Inch Nails’ tour “Lights in the Sky”, fans were able to experience a fully interactive visual display that is as much a part of the show as the band’s instruments. 246 more words


Beyond LEDs: Brighter, New Energy-Saving Flat Panel Lights Based on Carbon Nanotubes

Even as the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics has enshrined light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the single most significant and disruptive energy-efficient lighting solution of today, scientists around the world continue unabated to search for the even-better-bulbs of tomorrow. 766 more words


GER Mood Sweater By Sensoree Indicates Feelings With LEDs by Beauty and Hairstyle

The collar of this sweater by San Francisco studio Sensoree alterations colour depending on the wearer’;s excitement levels (+ slideshow).

Sensoree’;s GER Mood Sweater, which goes on show in the UK for the 1st time these days, has a series of LEDs embedded in fabric about… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words

The 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics has been won by three Japanese physicists who developed the blue LED (light emitting diode). This is important, as red LEDs were developed in 1962 and green LEDs in the early 1970s, but white light could not be produced by LEDs until a blue LED had been developed. 311 more words