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Enclosed in a protective outer covering: On the Edge of Our Universe (A very human story)

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Part I

Maybe I’m not all fancy like those others.

Section A

Perhaps they have, in hopes of stopping me, thought I was one thing which would not at all do well within the environment they placed me, but, to their surprise they found that I was perfectly suited to it, and, in fact, did thrive, growing stronger until I broke free from any hold they wished to place on me. 138 more words

LBJ (Conspirator) AND JFK.....

I have come across a new book; The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone.    Normally, I would not mention or recommend a book until I have finished reading, then only if I find it a good read.   251 more words

In which Netty takes a gander around the grassy knoll, but is none the wiser about the whole JFK thing ...

Of course one of America’s best writers was eventually going to tackle America’s most famous, most notorious, most far-reaching moment of the 20th century. Of course he was. 1,002 more words

Reading Challenge 2014

Family of Secrets (2008)

I first became aware of Russ Baker’s history of the Bush family during the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Baker, an investigative journalist who has written for the Christian Science Monitor and the Village Voice, had dug up an intriguing, but little known historical anecdote. 936 more words

History And Politics

Lee Harvey Oswald Hand-addressed envelope

Air mail envelope, 6 x 4.5, addressed in Oswald’s hand to his brother, “U. S. A., Fort Worth, Texas, 7313 Davenport St., Mr. R. Oswald,” and adding his Moscow return address in Russian, including his name, “A. 177 more words

RR Autograph Auction

Poster of the Week - JFK (1992)

JFK (1992)

Oliver Stone’s controversial examination of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy is engrossing, challenging and provocative. This poster for the movie isn’t quite as powerful – though that’s not a bad thing – but it what does do really well is compile some very iconic imagery into an attractive, attention-grabbing whole. 304 more words