Not Going Out - Series 1

Binging on British panel shows will get scripted series like Not Going Out added to your YouTube ‘recommended’ list. Starring Lee Mack, a regular of shows including Would I Lie To You and Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, this run-of-the-mill sitcom about a periodically employed layabout lacks the bite of his other comedy appearances. 438 more words


Stewart Lee

Mrs B says I look like an Indian Stewart Lee. I am not him, I can’t see  the resemblance really. I’m more a younger Salman Rushdie, or Keith Vaz, maybe David Baddiel when I have a beard. 3,974 more words


The TellyTubbies & how to remember their colours

As taken from Lee Mack on Would I Lie To You? Absolutely brilliant.
Po is red as It reminds him of a postbox
La La is yellow as it sounds more yellow than Tinkie Winkie, Dipsy or Po… 65 more words


Lee Mack - Into Darkness

Around half an hour into Lee Mack’s routine at Sheffield City Hall, he asks one of the technicians to put a spotlight on a bunch of audience members to his far right. 388 more words