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C9 - TSM (Game 1): Eighteen to one

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On the blue side, C9 Dr. Mundo, Nocturne, Renekton and pick Trundle, Elise, LeBlanc, Lucian and Morgana. On the purple side, TSM, who try to change their fortune against C9, ban Soraka, Jax, Kha’zix and pick Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Karma, Corki and Thresh. 433 more words

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C9E - DNL (Game 1): Spears of Doom

The EU Challenger Series Playoff is underway with the two semi-finals, which will be a best of 3 and will decide who advances tomorrow in the Grand Final. 480 more words

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Liên Minh Huyền Thoại - Lee sin bị nerf, có nên mở lại URF?

Ngày 09/4, Liên Minh Huyền Thoại đã cho phép cập nhật phiên bản 4.5. Nhưng cũng trong ngày này, chế độ URF vừa mở lại đột nhiên đóng cửa. 51 more words

C9 - CST: Nocturne closing the light

On the blue side, Cloud 9 ban Jax, Thresh, Leona and pick Renekton, Nocturne, Gragas, Lucian and Karma. On the purple side, CST ban Lulu, Kha’zix, Soraka and pick Lee Sin, Evelynn, LeBlanc, Caitlyn and Annie. 743 more words

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XDG - DIG: Hooks all day long

On the blue side, XDG ban Zed, Lucian, Jinx and pick Trundle, Lee Sin, Ziggs, Corki and Karma. On the purple side, DIG ban Kha’zix, Lulu, Evelynn and pick Jayce, Elise, Orianna, Draven and Thresh. 464 more words

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