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Christians Should Not Believe in 'Left Behind's' Rapture Theology

Pulled from the christianpost.com… (This moderators take? After reading the Bible every day for 35+ years, I still have not found the topics and ideas presented in those books…. 489 more words


Book Review: The Book of Revelation Made Clear

What do you get when you cross an author of fiction with a Guinness Record holder for creating crosswords?  You get a suspiciously casual book entitled, … 487 more words


Don't Get Left Behind

I’ve been seeing several ads and promos for the upcoming movie, Left Behind, that opens on October 3rd. The movie stars Nicholas Cage, who plays one of the lead characters, based on the best selling… 768 more words


Tribulation Website Update

I’m going to have to be missing a couple of days here and there, just so everyone’s prepared. I should be investing all my time into final exams, and I’ve spent a good deal of time here on this. 126 more words



When the trumpet sounds by the angels accompanying Jesus God’s people start flying upwards into heaven. Those who believe in God prepare themselves by the grace of God will be rescued from evil on earth. 285 more words


John Wesley: the world will not be destroyed

The Left Behind version of Christianity claims God will destroy the world. (As if John 3: 16 read “For God so hated the world he sent his only Son into it to snatch a relatively few people out of it and then burn it to a cinder… not to save it through him!”). 325 more words

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Left behind.

‘You don’t know how it feels to be left behind.’

‘But I wonder where were you,
When I was at my worst.
Down on my knees.’ – Maps, Maroon 5 …

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