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Sunday 9/28 "Are You Rapture Ready?"

Next week the new version of the Left Behind movie hit’s the big screen. While we haven’t seen the movie the Left Behind books describe the time when Jesus comes to gather up and snatch away His Christ-followers from the earth and it also describes the terrors that come to those who are left behind because they had not placed their faith in Jesus. 240 more words

Fresh News

This is a test post...

…to see if I can edit and post photos from the android application. But, I’ll double dip a bit.  A few weeks ago I was in a thrift store and saw this: 164 more words


Behind the Crapture

I wrote these fictions (you can find them here and here) because of Captain Cassidy’s post and Dr. Coyne’s post on the upcoming remake of “Left Behind,” the Rapture-related thriller that is going to hit the Bible Belt harder than a Texas Twister in a trailer park. 851 more words


The day Nicolas Cage opened my mind to orgasms

There it stood: the first and only beachfront house wearing a giant pair of sunglasses. From the corner of my ear, I heard Nicolas Cage singing opera from the arm pits of his lungs. 1,968 more words

Short Stories

My Review on the New Left Behind Movie

I was truly blessed tonight and got to see a pre-screening of the new Left Behind movie starring Nicolas Cage. The film is set for an October 3, 2014 release. 372 more words


Customer Left Inside When San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Store When Employees Lock Up For Night

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Police got a chuckle after finding out a man inside a closed San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf store was not a burglar, but a customer who got left behind. 316 more words


Why "Left Behind" Didn't Convert Me

On a sunny day in late spring, a Bible Studies teacher at an Evangelical high school in the American Midwest ducked out of his classroom to make some copies of the homework. 2,137 more words