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Why Customers Are Assholes: An Ideological Explanation

Anyone who works or has worked in the service industry is aware that customers are assholes. If you make the slightest mistake with a customer’s order, they will pounce on you. 937 more words

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A Quick Word on Charlie Hebdo and Martyrdom

I like cartoons. I pored over the comics page as a kid, and I pore over webcomics now. I spent much of my youth drawing poor imitations of Calvin and Hobbes, and much of my adolescence animating poor imitations of South Park. 749 more words

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Tony Blair doubts Ed Miliband can win 2015 general election | Politics | The Guardian

Whilst, I generally have little time for Tony Blair these days, I must endorse his views on Ed Miliband. This is a must-read article from the Guardian. 188 more words


Jewish Agenda or Progressive Agenda?

Zach Carstensen, Government Relations and Public Affairs Director for the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle took a literary victory lap today, lauding the efforts of the Seattle Jewish Federation and their cadre of allies in the passage of Washington State gun control initiative I-594 this past November. 238 more words


Czech It Out: Politics and Post-Communist Silly Dancing (very belated Part Three)

Years ago we were writing a trilogy of pontificating half-essays about a trip we made to the Czech Republic. It was called Politics and Post-Communist Silly Dancing, but we never wrote the third bit, due to contain the all-important Silly Dancing, thereby rendering the title baffling to anyone who happened to read parts one and two. 2,868 more words