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Why to Avoid Abusing the Term 'Fascist'

An impulse exists among radicals to characterize any and all repressive or reactionary state behavior as “fascist.” Police officers assaulting demonstrators are a display of fascism. 617 more words

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Alex B. Berezow: 'Why on earth would a science journalist write such unmitigated nonsense?''

Outbreak of Political Correctness in Science Media

For RealClearScienceAlex B. Berezow  writes: The American media is widely perceived to lean to the Left. Though most journalists won’t openly admit the fact, it is indisputably true. 534 more words

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Political cowardice or wisdom?

The new monument dedicated to the memory of all victims of Hungary’s occupation by Nazi Germany in 1944, next to the Soviet monument in front of the US embassy which commemorates Hungary’s Soviet occupation in 1945 was yesterday finished… There has been an ongoing hysteria campaign against it for months, with global media support, and its completion (originally scheduled on March the 19th, the day of the Nazi occupation)  has been delayed several times.  168 more words


Report: Peoples Assembly Against Austerity

Marking the one-year anniversary of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity formation, vast swathes of people took to the streets to protest against the harsh cuts imposed by the coalition government. 500 more words

Israel's Violence Isn't Extraordinary, and That's Terrifying

As anyone who has the misfortune of following me on Twitter knows, I’m pretty critical of the Israeli government. I’ve been particularly disturbed by the recent unfolding of Operation Protective Edge, an airstrike campaign in reaction to the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens.* This campaign has killed scores of Palestinians, the bulk of whom have been civilians, and many of whom have been children. 989 more words

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'Roma crime' is the left-lib parlance for Jobbik-phrase 'Gypsy crime'

Perhaps I don’t need to introduce Ferenc Gyurcsány, the prime minister of the postcommunist-leftlib MSZP-SZDSZ coalition between 2004 and 2009.  You know the one who admitted to his comrades-in-sin behind closed doors in 2006 that MSZP-SZDSZ “lied  night and day and did nothing” (with the active help of the European Commission) in order to win the elections. 816 more words


Left liberals on Hungarian national interest

Tamás Boros, the CEO of Policy Solutions, a left liberal political think tank and PR company, said on the left-liberal/left-wing TV channel ATV:

I believe Hungarian national interest, as such, is very difficult to imagine.

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