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Generic Left: And Now For More Of That Scintillating Political Positioning Stuff (Part 2)

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Back when it was a short-trousered blog-based non-phenomenon, the Bemolution was also influenced by the anthropologically-tinged historical perspective of Ken Livingstone, Labour left-winger and ex-Mayor of London. 1,627 more words



Lisa: “Dad, for the last time, please don’t lower yourself to the level of the mob”.

Homer: “Lisa, maybe if I’m part of that mob, I can help steer it in wise directions. 636 more words


Lies, lies, (neo)liberals...

The left-wing/left-liberals have been, and are, lying a lot about Mr. Orbán’s speech in Tusnádfürdő, Transylvania which was an attack on the neoliberal ideology indeed.  The global media presented this as if  Orbán had declared his intention to destroy… 344 more words


Another Irresponsible Rantle Against Well Intended, Gentle-Spirited Liberalism

SO, after my second FB snarkpost about squishy academic silliness in the ‘dialogue and deliberation community’(rehashed here and here for anyone interested), a gentlemanly and uncommonly thoughtful old friend of mine responded with a comment in the form of a velvet gloved (and well deserved) flathand smack to the back of my head. 1,759 more words

Toward a Foucauldian-Deleuzian Genealogical Metaphysic of Polysemous Signifiers in Juridico-Political Discursive Formations

When, in the pursuance of constitutionally mandated juridical “procedures,” one encounters a signifier with varied and numerous signifieds, how does one proceed? If this polysemous aberration presents itself, makes itself known, in the realm of substantiation, attestation, corroboration, and thus the determination of culpability or irreproachability, the repercussions of equivocation could “be” dire. 824 more words

Left-wing Politics

Book Review: REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVISM IN THE 1950s & '60s (Vols. 1 & 2) by Ernest Tate

Ernest Tate’s new two-volume memoir, Revolutionary Activism In The 1950s and ‘60s, is a significant accomplishment. In recounting the savor and substance of daily life devoted to the socialist cause, it not only offers a fascinating account of revolutionary militancy in mostly backward times, it sets a discomfiting example for weekend activists, armchair revolutionaries, academic Marxists, and veterans of the political upsurge of the 1960s who retreated into private life following the end of the Vietnam war. 1,423 more words


Why to Avoid Abusing the Term 'Fascist'

An impulse exists among radicals to characterize any and all repressive or reactionary state behavior as “fascist.” Police officers assaulting demonstrators are a display of fascism. 617 more words

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