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My memories of the ‘golden years’ of Helen Clark are far less nostalgic than many of my contemporaries. Then, I was perpetually frustrated with unfair economic structures, increasing student debt, and a lack of bold policies. 673 more words

NZ Labour Party

Seeking For The Ukrainian Left

While trying to keep myself updated about Ukraine conflict in the middle of polarized one or another side exaggerated informationflow I finally found an interview which looks to be from local grassroots, a balanced analysis based reasonable arguments advocating a view of leftist organization about issues of Ukraine conflict. 5,309 more words

Ari Rusila

#GamerGate: another Lefty scandal

But this one has no Presidential or Administration involvement.  At all!

#GamerGate — Achievement Unlocked: Epic Shitstorm!

The problem is, #GamerGate is not a simple subject. 333 more words


Why I am proud to be a lefty

As you probably know from one of my previous blogs, I have long supported the left-spectrum of politics. My early admiration to politics harks back to my childhood; one of the films me and my brother watched at early ages was the Disney version of Robin Hood. 812 more words

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The Hillary Letters Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinksy correspondence revealed... + GyG: Related Articles!!!

The Hillary Letters Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinksy correspondence revealedFree Beacon ^ | 9/21/14 | Alana GoodmanPosted on 9/21/2014, 10:28:08 PM by NachumPreviously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late… 301 more words

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Obligatory Scottish Referendum One

The nice old social democratic Lib Dem who lives opposite Fort Bemalot was flying both a saltire and the union flag in his front garden this morning. 1,317 more words