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too sad to be alone

I am so sad. So depressed that I feel like you are too hard on me. So hurt that I feel like you don’t really care at all. 330 more words

Week 11-

Pretty standard week this week

Same stuff at TubeMogul which is enjoyable and learning a lot. Finally confirmed I will be staying their first 2 weeks in May and then heading back to graduation. 281 more words

Bling Jewelry Nautical Sea Starfish Ear Cuff Left Ear 925 Sterling Silver

Feel like you are on a beautiful shore at an exotic beach right away with this simply gorgeous Nautical Ocean Sea Starfish Left Ear Cuff. This alluring and affordable starfish ear cuff will make you feel bright and sunny, with its charming texture made out of .925 sterling silver. You will feel…

Top Ear Piercings

We did the left ear in the morning w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium bar, and the right ear in the afternoon of the same day…

Piercing Portfolio


Liberal arts institutions seem to be plagued by left-wing radicals – a band of pseudo-militant attention-seeking students who make it their full-time occupation to present the front of a beleaguered, oppressed victim of a society whose structures prevent them from achieving the success they so believe is their right. 473 more words

Jen Leibowitz

Being a southpaw in a right handed world

Southpaw is a term used for left handed boxers. They claim to hit south since the normal boxing stance makes the right first forward and the left on the bottom. 988 more words