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Speaking to Left

Hello there, angel in dark veil

Oh!, what did this day teach to you?

Where did you hide at times of dimness?

At times, when you’re empty inside. 322 more words


The Caption Box Mystery

I’ve always tended to center-align text in caption boxes in my own comics… but recently realised that most comics seem to left-align their text in boxes… for example, here’s… 129 more words


Butlers chocolate cafe

One of my favorite things ever is to go to a cafe and either listen to music or drink a ton of hot chocolate or depeneding on the day a hot coffee. 41 more words

Life With Me

Prisoner's dilemma & Faustian bargains

There are fellow humans thinking that the dominant neoliberal approach to how we govern our socio-economic transactions is a solid one. It has it’s flaws ya know but for the most part it’s working. 552 more words