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It's Complicated: Palestine and Leftist Identity

In case you’ve missed it, Israel is going at it in Gaza again. It is awful. Something like 500 inhabitants of the Gaza strip, almost all Palestinians, have been killed. 2,400 more words

COMMENTARIAL SYMPTOMS, Or Why I’m no Longer a 'Leftist'

I can’t remember when exactly I first began to question my ‘Leftist’, or ‘Progressive,’ philosophical commitments. The reasons were entirely epistemic; but I’ll be talking more about that in what follows. 2,097 more words

For Young, Progressive Jews, Opposing the Occupation is an Inter-Generational Struggle

How the last best tactic we have to fight the occupation might be the most difficult to put into most practice.

American Jewry is complicit in the occupation. 1,018 more words


The Revolution is just a t-shirt away

Now this is a real shocker:

I know, I know, it was only twenty-three questions and hardly captures all of my views about policy and politics, but would the result be much different were there fifty questions? a hundred?

Yeaaahh, no.


Adam Kirsch on Zizek in TNR

“Is Žižek’s audience too busy laughing at him to hear him? I hope so, because the idea that they can hear him without recoiling from him is too dismal, and frightening, to contemplate.” 258 more words

On the war of images and words

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write anything about Israel’s assault on Gaza. And I’m not going to–there is no shortage of articles, polemics, and analysis. 643 more words


New study: college freshmen reading lists contain no conservative books

Lots of leftist books, though. Here’s the post about the study from The College Fix.


Young America’s Foundation has surveyed the required reading programs for incoming college freshmen nationwide and found that, over the past three years, none of the colleges have assigned a conservative-leaning book.

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