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The Left Has No Better Angels In Their Natures

The report is by The Washington Examiner and the commentary by Jeff Goldstein:

Federalism is dead.  Sure, it’s there in the Constitution, but since marriage (and just about every other “noble cause”) has been re-defined as a civil right, the entirety of the 10th amendment is now effectively and functionally moot.

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Attacking The Left Where They Are Vulnerable

A note on the psychology of modern liberalism vs. that of libertarianism–and a suggestion regarding “winning the argument” moving forward…

I’ve found that for many on the left, their thinking is heavily funneled through their feelings, leading to decisions & beliefs that are overly based on emotion. 339 more words


Brandeis University Hates Black People

From Jay Nordlinger:

If we were like the Left, we would say that Brandeis revoked Hirsi Ali’s honorary degree because they hate black people. Especially black women.

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The Left Airbrushes LBJ Back Into The Picture

As Stacy McCain points out:

There was once a sort of bipartisan consensus about this: Left-wingers hated LBJ for fighting the Vietnam war; right-wingers hated him because he wouldn’t fight to…

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Stacy McCain

Who Wants To Help Build A Technocracy? Repost-Megan McArdle At The Daily Beast: ‘The Technocratic Dilemma’


Still relevant, it seems:

‘Washington is in the throes of a rekindled romance with technocracy: the idea that what is most needed to save the economy and the planet is a bunch of really smart people who have spent their lives studying complicated problems like health care finance or renewable energy.  

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Richard Epstein At The Hoover Institution: '“Oligarchs United“? Not So Fast.'

Full post here.

On that McCutcheon decision:

‘But the constant effort to broaden the definition of “corruption” so that it covers virtually all form of political activity has the same corrosive effect on the freedom of speech that is found in the fanciful communitarian objectives of land use and labor market regulation that has managed to gut traditional protections of economic liberties and private property.’

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Gun-free zones and progressives' insanity


Exclusive: Matt Barber implicates Obama administration in latest Fort Hood attack

Written by Matt Barber

Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of BarbWire.com. He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. 853 more words