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The Leftovers S1E5

It always warms my heart when the first thing I hear/read is “Fuck you, you fucking cunts!” Music to my ears.

What puzzles me still about the show is why don’t they arrest or at least fine the people in white? 557 more words


Fried rice? No it's quinoa!

It’s Monday night, scratch supper night. Didn’t want to use the leftover lamb from lunch yesterday, lamb two days in a row is a bit tough on the tummy! 89 more words


Rye Bread

This is the first time my bread did not turn out super dense. Thanks to some #leftover milk. So tasty that I ate one loaf in the first day.I used this recipe: … 27 more words

Cooking With Leftovers

Broccoli Rice Cakes

I had some rice leftover from dinner.  I fancied making a cake.  I saw somewhere on a Facebook post (which I can no longer find…) something about broccoli rice muffins – a savoury cake using rice instead of flour.  194 more words

Some Food for Thought

As promised, I was much better at snapping pictures of my meals before devouring them. When without much of a kitchen, you have to tap into your creative resources, as well as rely on the help of others in borrowing their kitchens. 692 more words

Utilizing Leftovers: A Faux English Breakfast

Hey yall!

I am going to start a new series on my blog called “Utilizing Leftovers”.

I know the topic of leftovers may sound boring to some people, but I actually LOVE them! 272 more words

The Leftovers: GR and Rides in a Car (or Thoughts on Episode 5)

OK, things are getting interesting again. After a cold open that made me go “eeeeeuh” and inhale through my teeth, the police are investigating the horrific murder of that member of the Guilty Remnant who wore glasses. 452 more words