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2nd Breakfast

I didn’t want the oatmeal, I had a little and Bear Baby ate the rest.


Loaded Breakfast Sandwich

I usually make a big breakfast for my family on Saturday mornings. My family likes bacon, eggs, hash browns and biscuits. But what to do with the leftover hash browns and bacon? 100 more words


Lunch With Leila - Onigiri

On to our newly scheduled program. Thursday’s Lunch with Leila! Today’s post will tell you exactly how to transform your Adobo leftovers into magically made Onigiri. 438 more words


Chicken salad

I love roasted chicken and when I wind up with left overs I make Chicken Salad!
I really don’t measure my ingredients, depending on how much chicken I have I toss it all together, 150 more words

Clean Eating

Ratatouille (not as fancy as in the film)

Ratatouille is essentially a stewed vegetable dish, where the veggies steam/stew themselves in an olive oil dressing. If you’ve seen the film, admire the prep work involved in beautiful layering of the identically sliced vegetables. 436 more words

(Mostly) Vegetarian

(Almost) Instant Egg Fried Rice

Yang Zhou Fried Rice has got to be one of the quickest cooking meals in history. It is said that General Yang Su, a minister to the emperor of the Sui Dynasty in China was fond of egg fried rice, resulting in the beginnings of many egg fried rice dishes. 343 more words