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Bolognese Pockets



Another awesome leftover dish. In fact this is the best use of leftover bolognese I have ever seen. Perfect for the kids for a weekend dinner, or a sleep over or even if you’ve got friends coming over to watch the football. 421 more words


5 Chicken Freezer Meals in 1 hour!

I’ve been trying to add to the freezer stash before work officially starts and I have to say that I wish the stash was a bit bigger. 234 more words


Sweet Corn & Green Pepper Muffins


Corn on the cob leftover rescue! Here is a smart, healthy use for those kernels. Mini corn muffins with green peppers and a little zing. 36 more words

Baked Ziti

A couple of weekends ago I went to see my mom for a quick one night trip.  While I was there I gave my brother’s girlfriend, Alesha, her belated birthday present.   335 more words


The Official Home of Our Food Creations

After years of posting food pics all over Facebook and Instagram, we are taking a more adult approach. (Disclaimer: Social media posts will likely persist.)  170 more words


Mashed Potato Pancakes

Every other week or so, I make my baked chicken meal. One of my regular leftover items is to make mashed potato pancakes out of … what else … leftover mashed potatoes of course! 410 more words


Victory Omelets

Inspired by Golden Harvest’s infamous spinach artichoke dip omelet, I’ve made a few variations over the years with different cream cheese based dips and leafy greens. 102 more words