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German Volume Training For Legs

Devised in Germany, the volume training approach is something I have just begun to adopt to my leg workouts. Basically, the method is to use volume to instigate hypertrophy (muscle growth), rather than lower reps and heavier weights. 227 more words


Meet Prep: Week 9 - Heave-ho-hum

Successfully moved-in to my new digs over the weekend, squeezing in an upper body kettlebell workout at home on Saturday night since I couldn’t make it to the gym. 134 more words

Training Log

Clean & Jerk

Worked on form.

Warm up: Static and Dynamic Stretch + Light, seated leg extensions

WOD 1: Jerk practice from racked position

Focused today and pushing down after the jerk. 42 more words


Meet Prep: Week 8 - Ball of Confusion

I’m so confused.

Squats felt like absolute poop. As I mentioned last week, they look okay, they just feel really awkward and I struggle with them way more than I should, especially considering that there’s not that much weight on the bar. 313 more words

Training Log

2014-03-17 Lower Body Workout



Weighted Crunch (Machine): 100 * 10, 100 * 12, 100 * 12
Back Press (Machine): 150 * 12, 150 * 12, 150 * 12… 13 more words

Leg Day and a Run!

Early morning easy 6 mile run 10 min mile pace.


Squats 5 sets of 5 115 #
Leg Press 5 sets of 5. 418# 33 more words

My WOD (Workout Of The Day)

Meet Prep: Week 6 - Fire In The Hole

Had a fantastic weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival, though I’m a little worse for wear thanks to lack of sleep and a sketchy 8 hour drive through sleet and snow in order to avoid getting stuck in Columbus. 254 more words

Training Log