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Simon was crazy about a woman he’d met at his family’s ball.

Her name was Marissa and she was a business lady (imagine that!) who helped her father run the local docks. 346 more words

Legacy Challenge

Smith Legacy–Home Lot

Since The Sims 4 is nearly upon us, that means my Sims 3 Smith legacy will be coming to an end. I did manage to finish building and furnishing their new home on their original legacy lot, so I thought I’d show it off! 40 more words

The Sims

The Price Legacy Succession Law

Pinstar has added an update to his Legacy Challenge Rules regarding how the heir for each generation is chosen – The Succession Law.

I like how it’s been laid out – I think it will definitely make for more interesting game play. 303 more words

2:7 the knock at the door

I missed it being all eight of us. Brodie and I were the only two who were still teenagers, Penny and Austin already had a baby and one on the way, Abby and Justin were married, Tammy still hung out with Brodie and I don’t even know what was happening with Millie. 993 more words


Generation 3: The Ambitionists

Here are the profiles for the Generation 3 children, aka the Ambitionists:


Niobe Wolfe

Niobe is the first-born child of Virgil and Keri.  She is the non-identical twin of Serefina.   925 more words

Legacy Challenge

Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Seven

Elizabeth decided that one last overseas trip was in order. She headed to Egypt to experience a few of the unique local sights…

Like old people skinny dipping in public fountains… She also explored a few tombs before heading home. 61 more words

The Sims

2:6 wedding success

We eventually chose to turn Austin’s room into a kind of study but still keeping his favourite wall and picture. We bought a treadmill, chess table, desk and computer and moved Brodie’s painting easel into it. 1,225 more words