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Is this my first post since I finished school?  I guess so.  Exams are pretty brutal, but done is done.  I’ve got pretty good grades.  But enough of that, this is what happened this week: 569 more words

Legacy Challenge

As Time Goes By 1.2

Hello!  Welcome to another post of the Lightning Alphabetcy!  Last time we were graced with many ugly children.  We made it all the way to C, and baby Charlie was born – with D in the womb!  1,505 more words


A new legacy

Meet Aaron Monteith.  He might be an ancestor of the unlucky Ayanne, judging by his old-fashioned bookish looks.

He moved straight to Desiderata Valley, avoiding the long and arduous study at university. 299 more words


1.11-The Birds Are Out Of The Nest

I probably had the best night’s sleep that I’d had in months.  Elvira wasn’t in her bed asleep, so I figured she was taking care of either Luce or Luella and was letting me sleep in. 906 more words

#sims 3

Singer Legacy Chapter 1.6

Oh my god! An update after so long since the game finally cooperated and I actually played the legacy file.


A fabulous time skip. Joffrey and Axel are best friends! 1,177 more words

Legacy Challenge

Ugly, Ugly Children 1.1

Well Hello!  Welcome to the second installment of the Lightning Alphabetcy!  Last time we met our founder found a spouse, and popped out the very first baby.  1,408 more words


Story progression and Master Controller

It’s been a long time since I legitimately had to play a lot before I had enough to update. Don’t worry; only a few days of winter left and I’ll be ready to start writing about it. 659 more words