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Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Two

Many strange things have happened at the Smith household over the years, but few have been as terrifying as Elizabeth’s abduction by strange creatures from another world. 87 more words

The Sims

Promotions and Parties

Aurora Albetra made the move to Moonlight Falls and put her foot in the door of the architecture profession, something that will allow her to make money and advance from home–the perfect job for a young Sim looking to make a life for herself in the world. 1,372 more words

Legacy Challenge

1:11 emotions

Being artistic, and liking to be alone, Jaymie had decided to get Brodie an easel for his birthday. He loved it. Brodie would spend most of his days there in the lounge room painting. 1,348 more words


Chapter Four: Trick Of The Eye

A/N:Please… ignore the rain

I fell asleep while watching the movie and I didn’t notice that I had until I was woken up by Violet. I went to my room. 2,058 more words

Legacy Challenge

A Move, A Shark, A Lot of Birthdays and Babies! 2.2

HI!  Holy crap, a Lightning update!  I know what you’re thinking!  Who THE HECK are The Lightnings?  I don’t know either, so let’s find out!  Oh, and there’s like, 165 pictures… SO DIG IN! 3,126 more words

Legacy Challenge

Generation 0: Walter Grimm Moves In.

DISCLAIMER: Contains swearing and sexual references. Not for the easily offended.

Moonlight Falls is the mysterious town where the supernatural moves in. A peaceful, quiet town where fairy tale creatures come to life. 1,530 more words

Generation 0

Chapter 23: The Monarch is Crowned

The search for the Generation 3 Heir is over!  Each of the candidates ran a wonderful race, but sadly there can be only one.  Winning by a landslide is …. 1,628 more words

Legacy Challenge