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Chapter 1.4 - Can't Keep My Eyes Off Of You

Last chapter we left Piper having so save her own life from the stove catching fire and Chi not doing a gosh darn thing about it. 243 more words

2:16 wanting more

We decided to decorate one of the spare room’s upstairs blue. I don’t know why we chose blue, we just did. Christian being born really brought out the father in George. 1,117 more words


Chapter One: Welcome to Oakenstead, Willowcreek.

Su-Su Sim lovers! I would like you to meet Arianna Vellson; a beautiful young adult Sim-lady with a passion for the written word, a dream to have a big family, a love for music and a cheerful disposition. 778 more words

Legacy Challenge

3.9: The Sleepover

Hey guys, time for another new Kanto chapter! I know I said I’d try to post two more chapters this weekend, but I was super tired yesterday, so I opted out of writing. 1,299 more words

Sims 3

Chapter 1.3 - Kindling the Fire

Recap – We last left Piper and Chi getting used to being roommates in the new little house they were able to build with the tidy sum that Chi brought with him.   589 more words

Chapter 1.2- Renovations

I am now making quite a life for myself as an author now. My current book sold for 244 in simolens.

I took a trip to the summer festival and had a lime ice-cream… 90 more words


Episode 1.1- Taking A Leap

Time for a new beginning, a fresh start, a whole new life ahead of me. Everything I had was right in front of me, the place when generations will be born, and stories made. 924 more words

Generation One