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Chapter 1.1- A house is not a home...

So, there she stood with the beautiful mountain backdrop of Oasis Springs behind her. The unmentionable starter home she had acquired with the measly savings of her handwork as a barista at MoonRucks had topped the rocky mountain canvas off. 408 more words


7.34 The Breaking Point

One beautiful afternoon, Cadence quietly slipped away to enjoy the solitude of her garden. She wasn’t out there more than ten minutes when the chaos and mayhem from inside joined her.  304 more words

Pruett Legacy

Introductions are a necessity

Name: Melanie Avery

Aspiration: Bestselling Author (Fledge-linguist)

Traits: Creative, Family -Oriented, Cheerful, Muser

Melanie has always expressed herself in unique and artistic ways. 174 more words


Who the Heck is Casey? 3.3

Well HELLO!  Welcome back to another new and improved TS4 Lightning Update!  Last time I still hadn’t figured out how to control the tricky aging going on in the hood.  1,559 more words

Legacy Challenge

She's Baaack...

Lee Summers grunted as he pushed through each rep on the workout machine. He needed to workout daily to get his next big promotion. He was certainly glad he wasn’t the team mascot anymore, but he wanted to be more than “Dance Captain”. 340 more words


7.33 Life Goes On

As fate would have it, Lance passed away the day after he passed the torch to Owen. He was at home with the family, but he was outside tending the garden when the Grim Reaper came for him. 333 more words

Pruett Legacy

Ch.7: Say it isn't so...

Callum was back at the park…

Callum: “Look at me I can swing across them!”

For his aspiration he had to go across the monkey bars 10 times he also needs to reach Motive skill 10 but I don’t think that’s happen since his birthday is in 4 days but… 281 more words