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Some of us dreamed of riches when we were young. I was particularly fond of the idea of a castle on the Rhine. As we grow older we realize there’s a lot more to life than money. 46 more words


Chapter 17 - An Unwishful Birthday

The next morning was the twins’ birthday. Mei woke up earlier than usual, and she was unable to do anything. So, she settled for cleaning because it was busywork and would help to take her mind off the recent passing of her Dad. 694 more words


Chapter 16 - Playing Catch

A few days later, Belle was getting ready later than normal. She was rushing around, and realized she forgot her lip gloss on her Mom’s dresser. 902 more words


Chapter 15 - The Reveal

After school and work, Mei and Belle sat down to do their homework together at the table. Rey felt the need to join the two girls as him and Mei hadn’t been getting along so well recently. 807 more words


Book Review - Aging Well

Aging Well by George E. Vaillant, MD. (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2002).

I am very impressed by this book.  The findings from Aging Well… 207 more words

Part 2 is the Will, but Part 1 is Often Overlooked to Dire Consequences

Jennifer and Lily were sisters. When they were young they played dolls together as so many sisters do. Of course, their brothers, Peter and Tom would not join their sisters in doll play. 596 more words

Legacy Family

Chapter 14 - Dayna's Surprise

Belle and Mei got along as great as ever. They were as close as it was possible, each claiming the other as her one and only BFF. 789 more words