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Perhaps one day we will know the truth and have closure, perhaps we will not.

One thing is certain now though, this war will not be ignored much longer.


So. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. In Plain English.

Before I go throwing my opinions on contraception and religious freedom around, I’m briefing the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. Today I’ll talk about the background, the circumstances of the case, the decision, and my opinion on the ruling.  1,199 more words


Pedophiles: throw away the key

Anthony John Carolan 61, now indefinitely imprisoned (since 2000)  after numerous indecent assaults on children spanning back to the 1970’s.


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This video and related articles of Pope Francis accused of  eating babies and performing satanic masses has lately made the rounds in activist circles.  Clearly these accusations are ridiculous and unfounded, no matter how you might feel about Catholicism . 419 more words


Fairfax cognitive dissonance

While on the same day yesterday, The age published two stories on Muslim issues but seemed to fail to understand any connection between the two stories. 278 more words


Mega Mosques planned for Balwyn, Toorak, Caulfield VIC

The same corporation that is funding the planned mosque in Bendigo has plans for even larger mosques in Melbourne suburbs. The 200 muslims in Bendigo clearly cannot afford a $3 million dollar mosque (especially considering the notoriously high unemployment rate among Muslims), the money comes from foreign corporates. 68 more words

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Censorship frenzy Bendigo mosque debate

The huge controversy over plans to put a mosque in Bendigo have caused a Facebook page opposed to the plan wiped out literally overnight.

In case you are wondering why this site is not taken down, its because its hosted in Texas where people are armed to defend freedom of speech. 52 more words