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If you think you're driving, you're out of your mind

I can hear you all saying ‘WTF’ right now.

Firstly look at the legal definition of driver, basically someone paid by someone else to drive a vehicle. 567 more words

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If you pay fines, you're out of your mind.

Don’t believe it?

Its 3/4 of the way down this page:


Make them take you to court and get a conviction, which is harder for them than you think.

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New Books on Transitional Justice in Brazil

Posted by Rebecca J. Atencio

One of the pleasures of attending conferences is the acquisition of new ideas, new books, new films. Here are some that I picked up recently at the “50 Years after the Coup” Conference in Recife. 163 more words

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The Marriage Equality Map

The Marriage Equality Map You Need To Know: A lot is happening as courts across the nation rule on same-sex couples’ marriage rights. Here’s where things stand as of March 12.

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Tweet costs a Tweeter $105,000

A secondary school teacher has been awarded $105,000  by District Court Judge Michael Elkiam. This Australian landmark case is the first time a social media  Twitter defamation case has reached to trial in Australia. 203 more words

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MtGox Declares bankruptcy becoming MtGotcha

Mark Karpeles the CEO of MtGox  filed for bankruptcy in Japan where MtGox is based.

Originally a site for trading Magic the Gathering (MTG) cards, Karpeles purchased the exchange shortly after it was converted to a Bitcoin trading site. 231 more words

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