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Saving threatened archival collections

The postscript to my recent post about the exhibition on Roman crime at Nijmegen helped me to find the subject of this post. In this postscript I mentioned the decision of the… 1,813 more words

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Drugs and Rec: A Dispatch from the Evergreen State (Guest Post)

Editor’s Note: We’re delighted to welcome Ingrid Walker, an Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Washington-Tacoma, and a past guest contributor… 2,200 more words

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The Points blog has a new post on marijuana legalization in Washington. Ingrid Walker writes about trying "to normalize the use of a substance in a state and country that has no public language for that recreational practice." After a shaky rollout in July (little weed was available in retail stores), the marijuana market a settled into a grove. Walker's post provides a fairly comprehensive update about the status of legal weed in Washington.