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Harry Reid: Bundy, supporters, "domestic terrorists”

Although there is currently a lull, with federal snipers no longer in sight and cattle returned, the standoff in Nevada is not likely to go away anytime soon, as Sen. 321 more words

Those Dems

If You Want To Move The Country Forward, You Need To "Listen" To The Younger Generations Not Dismiss Them As "Whiners"

I generally stay away from labeling generations.  I know there has been a lot of talk about the Gen X, Millennial, and now the Gen Z.  856 more words


Bloomberg’s $50 million attack on 2nd Amendment

Anti-gun leftist, feds & even your doctor want your weapons

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not letting any grass grow under his… 427 more words

Those Dems

Republicans Like To Talk About "Makers And Takers". Who Are The Real "Takers"?

For years, the Republican Party has made the phrase about the “makers and takers” their political platform.  They always cite people on food stamps, welfare, WIC, Medicaid and the working poor at the “takers”.  780 more words


Google's Copyright Infringement

The Anti-Google Mass Book Digitization Campaign Goes Global

Authors Malcolm Gladwell, J.M. Coetzee, Michael Pollan, Margaret Atwood, Peter Carey Support Lawsuit Against Google’s Theft of Books Through Digitization… 418 more words

Legal Issues

My First Time

I can not recall the names of many of the working women with whom I have danced the dance of sex over the years. I do, however recollect the name of the first ever escort I saw, Melissa. 501 more words

Pensions: spotlight on IBM

In a detailed judgment, the High Court has ruled that IBM UK breached its duty of good faith in the way in which it closed the DB section of its pension schemes to future accrual and introduced new benefit restrictions (for both employees and former employees). 241 more words

Legal Issues