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LD 7 Rep. Albert Hale: Awphusor iz jus a lil bita gin

Albert Hale isn’t just a run of the mill resident of Navajo County. He’s currently an Arizona State Representative who previously represented LD 7 constituents in the Arizona Senate. 260 more words

Those Dems

MARGA Institute presents itself

MARGA has refurbished its web site at http://www.margasrilanka.org/…. OR http://www.margastorehouse.org/ And several useful reviews of events and literature are now available for downloading as pdf via drop box pathways. 1,068 more words

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Simple Meeting Minutes Audit for Midlothian

While it has been a while since I have audited municipal meeting minutes in any capacity, the most recent series of political stunts by a variety of government officials here in Midlothian (some of which has been captured on video and is available on YouTube under Midlothian Valerie) motivated me to dig in once again and go after at least a simple summary audit of the header portion of the Village of Midlothian, Illinois meeting minutes, … 280 more words

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There should be no doubt on the circumstances under which former exiled Gen Ssejusa returned to Uganda. Given the reasons for his overstay in the UK, the anti Museveni activities that he was involved in, his being a serving very senior army officer who had been declared a deserter and subversive, coupled by the VIP reception that he received upon return, its clear that the decision to return was his own decision subject to approval by only Museveni. 732 more words


Enjoy the Silence

I’ve been having a bit of a relapse recently.  Nothing too a bad but enough that I feel the need to confess it here.  When I talked about it with my therapist, she told me not to be to hard on myself.   254 more words


It Is Time For A Failed Policy Over The Last 50 Years To End

Yesterday, the President announced an historic decision.  He announced that the U.S. will “normalize” relations with Cuba.  He plans to reopen the embassy in Havana, and is looking to relax economic and travel sanctions against Cuba.  1,060 more words


Don't Forget Those Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan?

When we ask our clients about digital assets, many respond that they don’t have any. That is not the case for most people. Do you have a bank account or brokerage account that you can access on your computer or phone? 119 more words

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