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Is Your Law Firm’s Blog Commercial Speech?

Blogging for HessConnect:

“In an environment of never-ending news cycles, minute-to-minute attention spans, intense competition for potential clients, and perpetual pressure for professional self-promotion, blogs can be an exceptional platform for lawyers or law firms to easily and immediately publish meaningful information that is both usable and digestible to viewers. 985 more words


Why I LOVE the practice of law---and why you should too!


This is a little different than my past blogs that discuss legal marketing. I am doing this in celebration of the upcoming and impending Valentine’s Day as a virtual “love letter” to the practice of law. 656 more words


Marketing diversity

Navigate Recruiting talks to Paula Johansen  of Global Playground, LLC to get her insights into the importance of marketing diversity for law firms.

Movie on 1-28-15 at 5.53 PM… 669 more words

Marketing: How to Identify Your Ideal Target Market

When it comes to marketing your law firm, identifying your target market is job #1.  If you don’t do that, nothing else you do will matter. 421 more words

Legal Marketing

Why Video Marketing is So Important For Your Law Firm Brand

Lights, camera, inaction? This is a bad combination. You’re a great attorney and you know it, you receive positive PR and compliments from clients but you’re not capitalizing on it through video. 338 more words


Trends In Legal Marketing Budgets

A recent HeraldOnline article provides some useful insights into law firm marketing budgets at law firms ranked 101 to 200 in the AmLaw 200 (generally, firms with 125 to 500 lawyers in the U.S.). 155 more words

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LinkedIn for Lawyers Part 2: Upgrade to Premium for Premium Results

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