Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty to 2013 DWI Arrest

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Dina Lohan pleaded guilty in court in Tuesday, April 15 to charges stemming from her September 2013 on Long Island. 61 more words


The Fourth Circuit Rules on Public Access to Court Records

In 2011, a company sued the Consumer Product Safety Commission to keep a report about one of its products out of the CPSC’s database. The company filed a motion to have the case litigated under a seal, with the company proceeding under a pseudonym. 70 more words

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Spudzooka Hijinks - Who is Liable?

Imagine an issue statement when the facts include a spudzooka, gunpowder, video, and perhaps some beer.

The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reports that Colby Hines, a maintenance worker at an Atlanta-based railway service provider, is arguing that a serious head injury caused by his coworkers’ shenanigans at the rail yard was the fault of his employer: 242 more words

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Guilty until you have paid the innocence toll.

Currently bouncing around Parliament is the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill (LASB), the Coalitions answer to fixing the justice system within England and Wales. I’s sure one day I will get to write a cheerful blog about how wonderful something is but today is as per usual not that day. 509 more words

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New ALM Report Says Small Firms Investing in Big Marketing

A new report from ALM Legal Intelligence entitled, Small Firms, Big Marketing reveals that small and mid-sized law firms (40-200 attorneys) have upped their investments in marketing because of a belief that effective marketing is mandatory for a firm to succeed. 156 more words

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A Split Among Texas Courts Regarding Whether Current Employers Should be Included in Temporary Injunction Applications

Last month, the Thirteenth Court of Appeals addressed the following issue: must an employer who is enforcing a non-compete agreement against a departed employee add the employee’s new employer as a defendant in order to obtain a temporary injunction? 625 more words

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