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Are organizations incapable of running successful trading relationships?

Yesterday I was involved in a webinar discussing the future of Procurement, which IACCM ran in partnership with Proxima. I very much enjoyed the discussion and thought that many good ideas emerged, but I was left with a nagging doubt over whether we had really addressed the key issue. 441 more words

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Coping with complexity

The issues created by complexity are at the forefront for most contracts and procurement professionals. The reasons for this are made evident in a recent article… 362 more words

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In advanced economies, is political inertia a benefit?

Yesterday’s mid-term elections did nothing to resolve the underlying political inertia that has gripped the US for years now. The inability to enact any meaningful political reform, together with the adversarial social divisions between Democrat and Republican voters, promises a continuing vacuum in meaningful legislation. 287 more words

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Efficiency doesn't end with contracts

Last week I was running a capability review with an IACCM member company. During a break, one of the attorneys said that he had been struck by the session we had just done on communications and told me a story about his former company. 295 more words

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So there are limits to IPR

Intellectual Property lies at the heart of many litigations. Negotiations over IP have boosted this topic into the top five negotiated terms and there is hardly a contract these days that does not include some sort of IP clause. 192 more words

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