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Ethics or cash cow?

There are those who would argue that the scale of fines being imposed by US courts and regulators on major corporations reflect high principles and a determination to raise ethical standards. 442 more words

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The cost of focused negotiation

Max Bazerman is a behavioral economist and he has recently written a book, The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See. He draws from his personal experience in failing to notice things, which he attributes to his tendency to focus. 273 more words

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But who supervises the lawyers?

The Canadian Bar Association is the latest to come out with a comprehensive report advocating fundamental change in the structure and management of law firms and the delivery of legal services. 428 more words

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There's more to professionalism than knowing stuff

Many contracts, procurement and legal staff want to increase their influence. Many complain about not being involved earlier, or not being part of the ‘core team’. 327 more words

Contract / Commercial Management