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But who supervises the lawyers?

The Canadian Bar Association is the latest to come out with a comprehensive report advocating fundamental change in the structure and management of law firms and the delivery of legal services. 428 more words

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There's more to professionalism than knowing stuff

Many contracts, procurement and legal staff want to increase their influence. Many complain about not being involved earlier, or not being part of the ‘core team’. 327 more words

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Secure signatures: the alternatives

We spend many hours worrying about the integrity and enforceability of our contracts and agreements. This leads almost 60% of organizations to still operate with physical signatures and physical mailing, with just 18% regularly using e-signatures. 356 more words

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Competition and customer care

For those who have the pleasure of traveling on US air carriers, the fact that they win awards for being the least comfortable will come as no surprise. 426 more words

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Legal work beats being a fast-food cook

When it comes to job meaning, satisfaction and stress, it seems there are many better choices than working as a lawyer or contracts professional. In fact, mail clerks feel as good about the value they deliver and there are some 300 job groups that yield greater satisfaction. 388 more words

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Beyond anecdotal

This was the term used by a far-sighted participant at the recent IACCM Europe Conference. He was emphasizing the point that the influence of contract managers and lawyers depends increasingly on delivering facts, not mere opinions. 148 more words

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