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Eyewitness Testimony No Longer a Gold Standard

PORTLAND, Ore. — The American legal system offers few moments as dramatic as an eyewitness to a crime pointing his finger across a crowded courtroom at a defendant. 987 more words


Community Forum: Muslims and the ADL

As threats of harrasment by the Australian Defence League escalated in past weeks, a community meeting was held in Bankstown on Tuesday to address the situation and allow affected Muslims to voice their concerns. 54 more words


The Revelation

Today’s lesson brought me to the realms of judicial review in the Italian legal system.

In a world where not everything is perfect, I realised how crucial it is for there to be a body to ensure the Constitution is complied with. 263 more words

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Pakistani legal system questioned after arrest of baby

After being charged with attempted murder, nine-month old Pakistani boy Musa Khan will not be going to prison. The local police took the unusual step of charging him, along with four adults, after a violent protest in February. 91 more words

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How the Legal System Works Against You in a Divorce and What You Can Do About It

Exploring Options to a Court-Based Litigated Divorce

This material is adapted the award-winning book by Ed Sherman, “Make any Divorce Better.” Ed Sherman is one of the founders of Divorce Helpline. 215 more words


Review: A MEDICAL AFFAIR by Anne McCarthy Strauss

My friends at Booktrope sent me a kindle copy of this book to review. In this riveting story, Heather Morrison is a thirty-something professional in NYC who has worked hard to be professionally successful in life. 467 more words

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