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Boost Your Bottom Line With Document Automation - Free Webinar!

Once upon a time automobiles were individually made by hand. They were beautifully crafted and richly appointed, and only the wealthy could afford them. Then, Henry Ford devised the first assembly line and the Model T became affordable for the masses. 219 more words


Canvas Fingerprinting - The Online Computer Tracking Device Almost Impossible To Block.

Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block, by Julia Angwin, ProPublica

(This story was co-published with Mashable.)

http://tinyurl.com/mbqqrw… 241 more words

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Learning New Tricks

Sea Change in GC Role Requires New Competencies
E. Leigh Dance, Corporate Counsel

The demands on general counsel from their boards of directors and other stakeholders have grown in countless ways. 117 more words

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Fix These 4 Problems on Your Blog to Maximize Search Engine Optimization

1.   Make It Useful

Write about something that will provide value to the person reading it. Write with your audience in mind. Keep the writing simple but professional. 394 more words

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How to Increase Your Engagement on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re using Facebook to “sell” your practice, you are probably disappointed in your results.  You see, Facebook is about engagement and anything that smacks of a hard-sell is usually tuned out. 129 more words

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Understanding E-Discovery Cost Drivers

In today’s business environment, legal costs are under a microscope. For companies on the receiving end of litigation, understanding the key cost drivers can help in-house counsel strike the right balance in setting relationships with external legal counsel, and in setting overall case strategy. 126 more words


Android Users - Good Advice And Alternative Options For Google Calendar Sync.

How to: Alternative Options for Google Calendar Sync, by Jeffrey Taylor, The Droid Lawyer Blog


Android users who sync their Google calendars with Outlook received a shocking email:

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