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COLOMBIA – New Visa Category for Mercosur Nationals and Their Dependents, and New Degree Validation Requirements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia has recategorised the Mercosur visa, which now also allows the family members of Mercosur nationals to accompany them with dependent status. 49 more words


Aaaargh, Business Visa Defeat! Activate back-up plan for Vietnam...

Yesterday was my last day at work, so I’ve done the ‘goodbye and thanks for all the fish’ routine.  It was grim, I didn’t leave the office until gone 7.00 p.m. 980 more words


Why Stop At Weed? The Case For Drug Legalisation

Is anyone else sick of getting £20 out of their bank account, meeting some shady guy in a park and handing it over, all for the sake of getting your hands on a substance that the overwhelming medical evidence suggests is less harmful for you than the pack of cigarettes purchased from Rajous on the way home? 789 more words


Legalised copies? Riddle one to solve en route to Vietnam - Fighting through the fog

Lost in the fog…. Letter of Invitation requirements:

According to the Vietnamese Government’s requirements, we will need the following documents from you:
1. Legalized copy of your degree(s).

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Wavering not drowning...

Hmm, where to begin?  The last couple of days have been quite angst ridden to be honest and I’m finding it hard to hold my nerve regarding stepping bravely into the unknown as communication with my potential host in Vietnam has not been as clear and speedy as I’d like.   963 more words


Need I beg for my death?

Have you no mercy?

Assisted suicide remains criminalised.

Mental Health

You can either keep going or give up

I give up. I want to die. I’ve tried to a few times but, to my greater sadness, I’ve failed.

I understand the idea to “hold on” but I disagree. 20 more words