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My Views: Should we end the drugs war?


Russell Brand: End the Drugs War aired on BBC3 on Monday 15th December 2014.


For legalisation:

My Views

Legalisation of Prostitution.

Discussion and debates are going on the topic of Ligalisation of Prostitution, “Sex workers are also Human beings hence they are entitled to a life of dignity”  (Buddhadeb Bhattacharya versus State of West Bengal: (2011) 11 SCC 538).Someone is talking about to accept and recognize their existence and ensure that their fundamental right to life and right to live with dignity as promised by Constitution Of India, they are talking for a legal mechanism to regulate their service conditions rather than push them underground or unrealistic and inhuman moral ground; 198 more words


Should the UK legalise drugs?

Cannabis is the poster-boy for the liberalisation of drugs campaign that is sweeping the US (in state-legislation) and has had a significant following since the… 1,644 more words


Legal weed in the United States is undercutting Mexican competition.11 Months After Marijuana Legalization, Here's What's Happening to Mexican Cartels

With either recreational or medical marijuana legal in more than half of U.S. states, drug cartels south of the border are beginning to find that growing, smuggling and distributing pot is a much less lucrative business. 709 more words

Mexican Weed

Thoughts from The Red Light District

It was all rather underwhelming and equally upsetting. It was a little tricky to find, I over shot it while walking but when I found it, it was obvious and surreal. 558 more words


Marley's Ghost

Bob Marley of Kingston, Jamaica,/
A serious cannabis-taker/
Will now be a brand/
As weed gets unbanned/
Becoming a big money-maker.


#BobMarley of Kingston, Jamaica, A serious cannabis-taker Will now be a brand As weed gets unbanned Becoming a big money-maker.

— Mick Twister (@twitmericks) November 19, 2014


#AceNewsServices – NEW YORK – Nov.14 – The Obamacare architect at the centre of controversy for his frank admissions that passing the president’s signature legislation required lying to the American people published a paper during the Clinton administration observing that legalizing abortion saved the government $14 billion in assistance to economically disadvantaged mothers, including African Americans, and lowered crime. 177 more words