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Marley's Ghost

Bob Marley of Kingston, Jamaica,/
A serious cannabis-taker/
Will now be a brand/
As weed gets unbanned/
Becoming a big money-maker.


#BobMarley of Kingston, Jamaica, A serious cannabis-taker Will now be a brand As weed gets unbanned Becoming a big money-maker.

— Mick Twister (@twitmericks) November 19, 2014


#AceNewsServices – NEW YORK – Nov.14 – The Obamacare architect at the centre of controversy for his frank admissions that passing the president’s signature legislation required lying to the American people published a paper during the Clinton administration observing that legalizing abortion saved the government $14 billion in assistance to economically disadvantaged mothers, including African Americans, and lowered crime. 177 more words


Government, drugs, and the only hippy at an Iron Maiden concert

Around the world the ‘flower power’ generation have been taking political control and, as they do so, governments’ policies on marijuana are becoming much more liberal. 773 more words


“F**k it, I quit” reporter reacts to marijuana legalisation

Charlo Greene, the former KTVA reporter who quit her job on live television in the ballsiest fashion possible, has posted a video to her Facebook page… 64 more words


Special report - Droghe: regolamentazione e decriminalizzazione

Stiamo andando verso la decriminalizzazione delle droghe e una regolamentazione del mercato?Il mio pezzo per LaRegione Ticino pubblicato il 9 ottobre 2014

My piece on drugs decriminalisation and market regulation, published on the Swiss newspaper LaRegioneTicino on 9 October 2014 26 more words


Drug Education: What the Fuck?

Drugs are baad, Mmmkay?

This quote is from the South Park episode ‘Ike’s Wee Wee’. it is said by the school counselor, Mr Mackey, and is a stab at the frail and bleak nature of school drug education programmes. 1,031 more words



Drugs shouldn’t be illegal.

Full, across-the-board legalisation of drugs has recently gained some public traction and legitimacy. According to recent polls, public opinion has lost faith in the “war on drugs”, and is now in favour of a general liberalisation of drugs policy. 2,080 more words