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Drug Education: What the Fuck?

Drugs are baad, Mmmkay?

This quote is from the South Park episode ‘Ike’s Wee Wee’. it is said by the school counselor, Mr Mackey, and is a stab at the frail and bleak nature of school drug education programmes. 1,031 more words



Drugs shouldn’t be illegal.

Full, across-the-board legalisation of drugs has recently gained some public traction and legitimacy. According to recent polls, public opinion has lost faith in the “war on drugs”, and is now in favour of a general liberalisation of drugs policy. 2,080 more words

Why even Amsterdam doesn’t want legal brothels

By Julie Bindel. Published on The Spectator, 2 February 2013.

The Dutch experiment in legalised prostitution has been a distaster.

Do you remember the rather brilliant comedy sketch featuring Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse in which they played laid-back police officers in Amsterdam, bragging that they no longer have to deal with the crime of murder in the Netherlands since the Dutch legalised it? 991 more words


Why We Must End the War On Drugs - Simplified

Alexander Chrisotomou looks at the argument for decriminalisng drugs. This blog was originally published on Alexander’s own site which you can check out here. 917 more words

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Ethnic Minorities in the US

Hypothesis - That Ethnic minorities in the USA are less politically involved than whites as a result of their experiences of health and education.

Introduction… 2,499 more words


Hemp for Africa

“Symptoms are a result of prohibition” William Wallace from Below The Lion said. The law once said it was illegal for African people to be in the city or suburbs at night. 441 more words

South Africa

Drugs, Addiction and Fantasy

Matthew Page looks into the concept of drug addiction.

Did you help Peaches Geldof and all the other drugs induced fatalities to die? Quite possibly. Everyone who lazily accepts the conventional wisdom about drugs played a part in these tragedies. 667 more words

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