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BRITHOPTV: [Video Interview] Apex Zero ( @ApexZero00) - 'DRUGS & THE UK' - [ @ChibaVisuals] | #UKRap #UKHipHop

Apex Zero ( @ApexZero00) – ‘Drugs & The UK’ -  [ @ChibaVisuals]


APEX ZERO gives his views why the UK should legalise drugs… 37 more words

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The war on drugs

I personally think that the war on drugs was lost many, many years ago and that the lives of millions of people in Britain are being made miserable by the huge criminal element that surrounds the illicit drugs trade and I do think that Portugal does show us that perhaps there is a better, more enlightened way to deal with this.


Nigel Farage


From the Editor: same-sex marriage in Wales

Same-sex marriage has come into effect in Wales on Saturday, and celebrations have taken place all over the country.

Two Welsh couples were some of the first to have their weddings, as the law came into effect at midnight on March 29. 549 more words


Legalisation, yes or no? You tell me.

As a recovering addict I obviously cannot and do not want to use, however I have often wondered whether the legalisation of drugs such as marijuana would make recovery more difficult. 35 more words

Weed Like To Talk About Reform - The Cannabis Diaries

Across the world attitudes seem to be shifting on the issue of cannabis. In December of last year Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the sale, production and distribution of the plant, and for those that support a change in legislation, Uruguay is the role model. 2,001 more words

Paddy Vipond

Narcotics: Prohibition vs Legalisation

In the narcotics markets where demand is immense, prohibition drives the market towards the only place capable of satisfying that demand and regulating the industry: organised crime. 145 more words

Organised Crime

Facebook VS Google+

In my personal experience using Facebook for the past 4 years I have found that their layout is subject to change… A LOT. The communication system and instant messaging system is regularly updated and is very useful for keeping in contact with people. 155 more words